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Friday, May 20, 2011

The Aloha Ladies Welcome Us in the 8 Waves!

Our recently concluded 2011 Company Summer Outing in 8 Waves Waterpark is very hot! Aside from the heat of the sun, the other thing that sizzled our day was below:

Yeah, they were called as the "Aloha Ladies"! Yup, they were group of sexy girls wearing Hawaiian tropical attire and welcomed us in the opening program!

As you can see, they were all young, hot, sexy, and beautiful! And of course, they all posses a flexible body that let them dance gracefully!

After a very short opening remarks, these sexy hot ladies came on stage and gave us a very steamy dance number suited for summer - a Hawaiian dance.

Well, join me as we dance together with these hot ladies. Below are some of the glimpse of their special Hawaiian number:

They danced through the tuned of mixed Hawaiian song. It was like song of the sea!

Aside from their special number, do you know that they even taught us how to dance?! Yup, part of the mini-lympics game that we joined was a Hawaiian dance number. One of these sexy ladies taught us simple steps and we performed it infront of the stage. And take note, then even lent us their clothes! Hehe...

Some of my officemates have video clippings of the dance number we performed. Sorry that I wasn't able to get a copy! Hopefully I can get some one of these days!

After our mini-lympics game, another dance number was performed by the group of these hot girls. This time, it was a modern dance number wherein they wore mini maong skirts!

Hope you all enjoy and feel hot dancing with these sexy ladies! See you once again in the next post series of our 2011 Company Summer Outing in 8 Waves Waterpart Resort. More related new posts to come! c",)


Did you have a shot of girls in maong skirts? Hehehe!

Do you have a shot of girls in maong skirts? Hehehe!

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