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Monday, May 30, 2011

Picture, Picture With the Chubby!

On my previous post, I have share with you one of the trademarks of the 8 Waves Waterpark and Resorts - the cute chubby statues. And one of them is named as Wavee.

Wavee is the big cute girl. She is so fat with a big stomach. Our group decided to have a picture with her. And here are some of what we got:

I'm Still the Main Cast

My Teammate Kissed the Stomach of Wavee!

Oh How they Love Wavee!

The Sisters of Wavee!

I really love the fourth picture. Look at them, they look like one big happy family! Fatty sisters seem reunited! Hehehe...

These were just some of the many photos we have from our recently concluded 2011 Summer Company outing. Yup, I will share more on my next posts! Have a great day everyone! c",)

Friday, May 27, 2011

The Cute Big Chubby Statues!

Some of the unique features found in 8 Waves Waterpark and Resorts are the big and chubby yet cute statues. They really look like big chubby jolly kids who welcome the guest.

Well, let's take a quick glance on them:

Me and My Two Chubbies!

The Chubby Kids on Top of the Octopus Fountain

Resembling Myself on a Chubby Kid

Here are just three of my photoshots with these big statues. Yup I have other more stuffs with my fellow teammates.

As they say picture speaks a thousand word, let these three pictures speak for you!

On my next post, I will share you more! Have a great day! c",)

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Aloha Ladies Welcome Us in the 8 Waves!

Our recently concluded 2011 Company Summer Outing in 8 Waves Waterpark is very hot! Aside from the heat of the sun, the other thing that sizzled our day was below:

Yeah, they were called as the "Aloha Ladies"! Yup, they were group of sexy girls wearing Hawaiian tropical attire and welcomed us in the opening program!

As you can see, they were all young, hot, sexy, and beautiful! And of course, they all posses a flexible body that let them dance gracefully!

After a very short opening remarks, these sexy hot ladies came on stage and gave us a very steamy dance number suited for summer - a Hawaiian dance.

Well, join me as we dance together with these hot ladies. Below are some of the glimpse of their special Hawaiian number:

They danced through the tuned of mixed Hawaiian song. It was like song of the sea!

Aside from their special number, do you know that they even taught us how to dance?! Yup, part of the mini-lympics game that we joined was a Hawaiian dance number. One of these sexy ladies taught us simple steps and we performed it infront of the stage. And take note, then even lent us their clothes! Hehe...

Some of my officemates have video clippings of the dance number we performed. Sorry that I wasn't able to get a copy! Hopefully I can get some one of these days!

After our mini-lympics game, another dance number was performed by the group of these hot girls. This time, it was a modern dance number wherein they wore mini maong skirts!

Hope you all enjoy and feel hot dancing with these sexy ladies! See you once again in the next post series of our 2011 Company Summer Outing in 8 Waves Waterpart Resort. More related new posts to come! c",)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

8 Waves Waterpark - The Venue of our 2011 Summer Company Outing!

8 Waves Waterpark and Hotel is the venue of our recently concluded 2011 Summer Company Outing.

Just like I always do every year during this big event, I let you experience the place and the fun by sharing you series of posts. And so, let's start here!

Take a quick glance on some of the important spots in the place:

The 8 Waves

The Whale Fountain

The Bubble Pool

This is the Way...

On the Very Top of the 8 Waves

A Cemented Shore of the 8 Waves

The Whale Fountain with an Octopus Above!

The Cute Kiddie Pool

The Kiddie Pool Playground

The Beautiful Slide Pool

8 Waves Waterpark and Hotel or simply 8 Waves is located in San Rafael Bulacan.

Since we are from Valenzuela and quite near the place, me together with my two teammates decided to wait the outing bus in SM North EDSA. But later on, we decided to ride on the Fortuner car of one of our teammates. Since some of our peeps were near the place, they decided to go directly to the venue on the owns.

This year's company outing is divided into two batch. The first batch is last May 16, 2011 while the second batch is on May 23, 2011. We are required to attend only one batch. Here in our team, we all decided to join the first batch which was last Monday!

On my next posts, I will share with you the fun we had in the said outing! Have a great day everyone! c",)

My Second Adsense Payment

As promised, I will share with you my second Google Adsense Payment. And here is it below:

My Second Google Adsense Payment Received

Just like my first one, I received my payment through Western Union. I just filled out a form supplying the details from Adsense and submitted it to the teller together with my ID! And that's it!

My second payment is higher than my first one. This second accumulated earnings I got which covers three months was $122.91. In Philippine peso, it is equivalent to Php5,161.39 The exchange rate during that time (May 8, 2011) is quite lower. It is only Php41.89 in every $1.

I saved the Php4,000 in my savings bank. I gave the Php1,000 to my mom as my gift ('balato') to her since it was a Mother's Day. I bought an indoor plant the remaining Php161.

And that's it for my second Google Adsens payment. The third one is yet to come. I'm currently accumulating earnings. Hope that I once more inspired you!

On my next posts, I will share with my other earnings from my beloved blogs! Money, money, money! c",)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Jose Cubil's 'Grenade' Cover Song!

Jose Cubil is really great in making his own cover version of the different hit songs! And song of these songs were my favorites or those songs which really play a great impact in my life!

Another song is called "Grenade" by Bruno Mars. And you know that this song is my theme song to my 19-year old prospect?!

Yeah, I learned how to sing it and I will sing it for her when we met again next Sunday!

But before that, let's first watch and listen to Jose Cubil's cover version of "Grenade". It goes like this:

Do you think Jose Cubil has the potential to be the second "Pilipinas Got Talent" champion?! We hope! Actually I didn't yet seen him performing in PGT. I only watched and heard his song covers in YouTube! But definitely, he has the guts to be the next one!

So let's hope that Jose can bring home the bacon! And hope that I can make my own song cover version like this in YouTube some other times! Hehe...c",)

Jose Cubil's 'True' Cover Song!

Here is another cover song of "Pilipinas Got Talent" finalist Jose Cubil. This time, he is singing the song called "True" from Ryan Cabrera.

Here it goes:

Actually the song "True" is one of our theme song of my ex way back in 2005. And yes, I already sang it!

Jose already sang a very good version of the said song. I was inspired to make my own version of it!

Hmmmm...hope that sooner, you may also watch me in YouTube singing a song just like Jose! c",)

Jose Cubil's 'Teenage Dream' Cover Song!

"Pilipinas Got Talent" Season 2 contestant Jose Cubil is the sixth grand finalists in the said reality talent search show.

Actually I didn't yet watched how he performed in the said talent search and how he wows the three judges. But actually I found out many of his YouTube videos showing him singing some of the hit songs.

Yeah, Jose already made his cover version of different hit songs. And one of this songs is the "Teenage Dream".

Well, let's watch and hear him singing the song "Teenage Dream" of Katy Perry. Here it goes:

Yeah, that is the male version of "Teenage Dream"! "Naunahan ako ni Jose Cubil na gumawa ng male version ng Teenage Dream"! Yup, I will make my own version of Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" as inspired by one of our officemates.

In our next videoke session, you can hear me singing "Teenage Dream"! Hope that I can record it and uploaded it in YouTube the way Jose did! c",)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mayo Denero!

"Mayo Denero!" It's a month of money! It's money, money, money this month of May!

This month of May speaks money for me! This is the month when I received and will be receiving money, income, earnings, and bonus! Well, let's discuss them one by one!

Just like many of us, May is the month where we receive our mid-year bonuses. In our case here in our office, May is when we receive the half of our 13TH month pay. Or better say the 5/12 percent of our 13TH month pay!

Actually right now, I already received that said mid-year bonus. It is part of our 15TH day compensation. But, will I be happy for this?! Since I only got a very little increase this year which truly disappointed me, the amount I received right now is almost similar to my last year's!

But if I'm not satisfied with my 5/12 bonus, I am very much satisfy and thankful to my blog incomes! Yes, atlast, I am now earning from my blog sites! "Namumunga na din ang mga itinanim!" Thank you Lord! =)

Last week, I already received my second Google Adsense payments. Yup, I will share it to you on my next post. I even received through Paypal the other payments from my paid blogs! And right now, I just sent it to my bank card. In 5 to 7 days, the said amount will be converted in Peso and will be deposited in my bank account! Great!

What more, I will even receive my other income from my other paid articles. My advertiser will send me my check and this will be deposited in my other savings bank two to three weeks from now!

So even though I'm not satisfied with my increase, here are my blogs which save me! They are now giving me money and earnings which my company cannot give to me! Now, I have other more reasons to be happy and thankful!

My blogs are like my children..."para ko silang mga anak! I am taking care of them just like a tree. In return, they will give you their fruits for me to enjoy! Go, go, go Mayo Denero! c",)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday The 13TH!

Mark the date today! It's Friday...and it's the 13TH day! In other words, it's 'Friday The 13TH'!

What is really in this date?! Is it really frightening every Friday the 13TH?! Or should I say "swerte ba o malas" this day today?!

When you try to search on the net Friday The 13TH, a movie of the same title appears. Yup since "Friday The 13TH" is a horror movie, expect it circulating around the world wide web! But actually that said movie was inspired by the fact or by a belief connoted to 'Friday the 13TH'!

They say Friday the 13TH is really terrifying because it is a combination of two supernatural forces: Friday and 13. The number 13 is tagged as a bad luck for many. That's why even in the elevator or building floor levels, there is no 13TH floor! On the other hand, Friday is believed as the strongest day for supernatural powers! Healing and black magics are strongest on this day. So, putting Friday and 13 what you will expect...a strongest supernatural force!

Way back in my childhood days, "Friday The 13TH" is my favorite TV mini-series. Yup, this is a horror mini-series aired every Friday (if I'm not mistaken) in RPN-9! I really loved to watch it before and truly brings back my childhood moments!

Black cat even symbolizes Friday the 13TH. There are sayings that a black cat on a cross road connotes bad luck that's why a black cat was then connected to this day! Hmmm...but I really love black cats now because of our very own Miming Negro! Hehe...

How about you, what is Friday the 13TH for you?! Is it really a bad luck or a frightening day to be careful with?! What experience can you share about Friday the 13TH?! c",)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lady Gaga as Mary Magdalene!

Do you know who is in the picture?! Yup, she is no other than...Lady Gaga!

This is a new picture of the hot singer Lady Gaga circulating in the world wide web! At first you may mistakenly identify her as a real saint! But actually she's the liberated hit maker we all know!

Lady Gaga is portraying Mary Magdalene! She is dressed like the bible icon! With a crown and with a belo, she depicts the character of a saint! But a bold saint...!!!

Well, what can you say about Lady Gaga here?! Did she truly depicted the image of Mary Magdalene! one way or another, it seems knowing the personality of Mary Magdalene in the bible! c",)

Friday, May 6, 2011

'Marry You' - The Library Proposal!

Marry You is another hit song from Bruno Mars. And yes, this is now one of my favorites!

I'm looking at an official music video of this said song in YouTube since I'm planning to feature it in my other blog site which is my musical Rhythm of the Rock. So sad that I can't find any! Bruno Mars didn't yet release his official music video for this song!

But I was thankful that I found an interesting one. This is a movie project of certain students wherein they used the song of "Marry You". In other words, they made their own music video for that said song.

And what's so interesting with this music video?! Well, watch it. Here it goes:

Now do you get my point?! Yup, the proposal is very cool and unique! The man proposed to his lady in the library! The lady is a librarian! In just a glance, the man fell inlove with the girl until he gave a ring to her!

At the end of the song, they end up romantically together! Very nice and inspiring! =) you imagine yourself doing the same thing?! And if that's the case, where do you want to propose?! c",)

Another Ads Payment!

I just received a notification of payment from my paid post. It worth $25! Nice!

Sorry for the shaded items. I decided to shade those confidential items for privacy purposes. -)

This $25 payment now adds to my previous accumulated $29 fund in this account giving me a total of $54. Now I can withdraw this amount via my pay pal since you need to accumulate a minimum of $50 before you can withdraw your fund to avoid certain charges.

This is one of my blog earnings. I was being paid by writing articles about their company, website, or business. It's called a paid post wherein either you blog about them or you put their links on your post!

Well, I hope I inspire you once more. Next week I will receive my second Google Adsense payment! Yippee! So what for my next inspiring post about my blog earnings! Have a good day everyone! c",)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May 2011 - "Tasting The Fruit of My Labors!"

We are already on the fifth month of the year, the month of May! And talking about the month of May, the first thing that comes on our mind is the word 'labor' since we always celebrate "Labor Day" every first day of May!

We didn't actually felt Labor Day this year since it fall on Sunday. No holiday! It's one regular day!

But this month of May for me is another time to taste the so-called "fruits of my labor"! The products I worked hard for!

If last month, last April, I celebrated the anniversaries of my blogs, this month of May, it's time to taste the fruits of these blogs!

Yeah, yeah, yeah...this is the month where I can received my next Adsense payment! The second payment of my ads in my blogs. Nice! What more, I can finally withdraw now the other payments of my paid posts!

Aside from these, May also speaks of our 13th month pay. Yup, the first half or the 5/12 months of our 13th month pay will be given this month!

But then talking about my office work, I'm not that happy! Just like the recently concluded Labor Day which was not actually felt, my merit increase didn't made me satisfy! It seems negligible to me! The excellent work and job-well done I have performed last 2010 is not proportion to my merit! Grrrr....

Well, still there are other more reasons to be happy! If I'm sad with my merit, I'm very much happy with my blog earnings and with the performance of my blogs! These things truly motivated me!

So let's embrace this month of May and expect for other more exciting surprises to be published here in the one and only The Rock Land! c",)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

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