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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Different Types of Lucky Bamboo Plant!

I got addicted in raising this so-called Lucky Bamboo plants. Actually, I have four vases of it placed on our living room's glass center table.

Recently, I have shared with you about these lucky charm plants. I even gave you the two ways of raising it. The first one is through water while the other is through magic jelly.

Today I will share with you the different types of it. After window shopping in the nearby malls, I took pictures of these interesting indoor plants. And here are some of its types:

The Big Branched Bamboo Plants

Tiny Bamboo Plants Soaked in Water

Growing Bamboo Plants on Jelly

Individual Lucky Bamboo Plants

Well, which of these do you like most?!

Actually these plants can be classify according to their sizes. It can be very small, medium, and large. It even have a big version of it with twisted branch!

They can also classify through their arrangements. Tiny plants can be grouped together and soaked in a watery vase.

In my case I both used water and jelly. But I don't know why those raised in magic jellies died so I decided to use water. All my lucky bamboo plants now are using water and placed in four different vases!

So, are you now convinced to take some in your home?! c",)

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