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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Updates on My Blog Earnings!

Recently, I have shared with you a special post showing my first Google Adsense earnings. That was the time when I finally received my earning through Western Union Money Transfer. That earning was an accumulated points I earned from the time I started to place ads on my websites.

But aside from that said Google Adsense earning, do you know that I have other more ways of generating income through all my blog sites?! Yeah, and these were the things I will share with you today!

To inspire you, I will share with some of my current earnings from all my blog sites. Here is the current update (as of March 3, 2011) of the money I have on the internet:

Google Adsense Earnings

Paypal Accumulated Earnings

Nuffnang Earnings

Payperpost Earnings

These earnings and payments came from the ads in my websites. Others were from the paid articles I have posted. Yup, if your blog site has a huge traffic, has high ranks, and has many hit and visits, definitely more advertisers will be interested in your blog! More advertisers mean more earnings, more money!

I'm so glad that I didn't only enjoy writing, developing, and designing blog sites...I also earn from them! Nice!

Hope that I inspire you with some of my blog earnings. Aside from these only payments, I have other more blog earnings which were not listed here. I will share with you those in my succeeding posts! Have a pleasant day to everyone! c",)

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