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Monday, March 7, 2011

The Magic Jellies!

Previously, I share with you all about a lucky indoor plant called "Lucky Chinese Bamboo". As I have said, this kind of plant grows either in water or in magic jellies!

Do you wonder how these magic jellies look like? And how do they make this lucky plant fertile?!

Well, I will share with you today all about these magic jellies! And here is how they look like:

Magic Jellies Vary in Color

Pink is For Love!

Yup, these magic jellies vary in color! Each color has its own meaning. For instance the pink jelly is for love, the blue jelly is for tranquility, and the green one is for health. There is also a corresponding meaning for the white, violet, and orange jellies! In my case, I use the pink and the green jellies since I'm pro-love and pro-health!

I asked how this jelly works. According to the saleslady, these jellies contain fertilizer and water which sustain the life of the lucky plants.

We should also need to maintain those jellies by touching it with a wet hand. Yup, this is a form of washing the said jellies. We should not wash them with water since it will sip the water causing them to enlarge. But in my case, I still wash them with water! Washing them should be once a week.

Right now, two of my bases use jelly. Hope that my lucky indoor plants would not die using it since I observed that my plants were starting to turn brown when using jelly! c",)

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