Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Home's Mini-Office!

One of the place in our home where I love to stay with is in my mini-office located in my bedroom. Yup, this is a like mini-cubicle or workstation where I perform all my online tasks!

This is part of my home's mini-office! This is where my laptop, its cooler, and table lamp are placed.

Just like my workstation here in my office, I put some design and decoration in my mini-office. These are some of the things which make my home's mini-workstation alive and inspiring!

Aside from my photographs, cute figurines were also present. Of course some of my cute little angel collections were there. In addition to them, cute babies and tiny doggies were joining them! Scented candles also give cool and fragrant atmosphere in my work place!

Well, this is only part of my well-loved mini-office in my bedroom. In my next posts, I will share you more. Right now, I am thinking of more new designs to apply in this place!

What can you say on this portion of my home's mini-office?! Do you love or like it?! Don't worry because I will also feature these cute little things in my succeeding topics! Take care! c",)

One Hot Birthday!

My recent birthday celebration last March 19, 2011 was indeed a sizzling one! It was another memorable but this time, the hottest!

First of all, I received so many greetings in the history of my birthday. Since social networking sites such as Facebook are now trending, people, friends, and strangers use this as a tool to communicate and greet one another. This year, I received 300+ wall posts and comments greeted me happy birthday! Nice! My hands really got tired replying to all of them to show that I really appreciate them! Each greeting worth a precious gift to me! =)

In our office, I also celebrated my birthday. I treated my teammates with two big roll of cakes. A Chocolate and an Ube Macapuno cakes made them very happy! And I'm happy too seeing them appreciated my small treat. The chocolate cake is the one they loved most!

In our home, the afternoon 'till the evening of March 19, I celebrated my birthday with my close relative and cousin. My mother cooked spaghetti, shanghai rolls, and fried chicken which we served to our relative and neighbors. Of course another batch of cake rolls and buko salad served as our desserts.

But the most important and the hottest part of my birthday celebration is during my birthday eve. The night of March 18, I celebrated my hot birthday with my GF and with my new found friends. We watch shows and danced in the dance floor all night long! At that night, I truly looked very hot and sexy! I wore an open polo with a black sexy fit sando inside! There are times that I removed my polo and only that black sando retained. My muscles were really exposed that time! Hehe...

At 5am of March 19, we got very tired of dancing. Oops...if you think I'm drunk, I was not! Yup, I didn't drink alcoholic beverages, I only drink juices! We spent the rest of the hours before the sunrise checking-in in one of a prestige hotel. Though our checkout time is 8am, we packed-up at around 7:15am since she needs to report in their office in Makati at 9am!

One hot birthday celebration! That's how my recent birthday goes...! I truly appreciate the people who greeted me and the people whom with me during that special day! c",)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Celebrating Another Fruitful Birthday!

If The Rock Land is celebrating its 3rd year birthday, the author itself, Rocky is also celebrating another fruitful birthday!

March 15 is for the blog while March 19 is for its blogger...

March 19 is a very special day, it's the date of my birth, the day when a child called Rocky was sent to earth...

Family, friends, lovers, and people who are loving Rocky are very happy to have me. There is another reason to celebrate, to toast for a birthday of a friend who is always there and for a lover who is giving unconditional love...

If friends were celebrating for my birthday, enemies, back fighters, and crab mentality persons around me then were hating so much this very day...! Hehe...

I'm so thankful for all the people who share joys and tears with me...who were always there...and who were all happy for my special day!

My Facebook account is also flooded with different birthday greetings! Today, March 19, 2011, I received 300+ birthday greetings! Many, many, many thanks to all of you! =)

So join me today as I celebrate another fruitful, abundant, and glorious birthday...!!!

Thank You So Much!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Rock Land is Now 3 Years Old!

Your favorite blog site, The Rock Land is now 3 years old! "Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday!"

March 15, 2008 marked the birth of a personal blog site called "Bits of Rocks". This is the continuation of my former Friendster blog site before called "Bits of Rockz".

Since it's a sequel of my former Friendster blog, I changed the title of it to "Bits of Rocks II". Until in 2009, "Bits of Rocks" was renamed to "The Rock Land"!

Well, that is the reason why the URL of this blog site is since its original name is "Bits of Rocks". And from this blog site, other more Rocky's blogs were born!

My very first post in this blog is my poem "Rocky" which was published in our literary folio way back in college. This is the poem which I wrote pertaining to myself but very religious and teaches lessons in life!

After the poem "Rocky", other more interesting posts followed. 2008 is the birth year of this site but it became very active in 2009 until now.

For three years of existence, The Rock Land created different remarkable posts. Some of the well-loved top-rating posts in this site were "Miming Negro" series, "Invasion of our House" series, "Christmas Parties", "Accomplishment Reports" (special last 2010 which created intrigues in our office), and "My Look-Alike" series.

And for three years now, The Rock Land rankings were going higher and higher! Nice! Many thanks to my avid viewers!

So, let's celebrate the third year anniversary of the one and only, The Rock Land! c",)

hApPy YiPpiE 3rD yEaR bIrThDaY!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Angels of Love

They were the cutest pair I ever have! They can stand alone but it's best to put them together! Putting them together gives you an inspiration and let you fall in love! They are my lovable angel collection.

In my previous post, I share with you my first collection of angel which previously placed on my brother's PC but now together with many more angels guarding our Sony Bravia. Today, I will let you meet my so-called Angels of Love!

Take a look at them. See how cute they are. Feel the love they are sharing with. Here are the up, close, and personal pictures of my two little angels:

Do you love them?! Do they inspire you? What can you say about them?!

Again, I bought these cute angels in one of the prestige malls. They were the fast-selling angels. Definitely because they were too lovely to own! And I'm glad that I was able to grab them. Actually, these two were the last stock the department store have so I immediately bought them. Thanks God!

You can buy them separately since they have individual an price. But it's better to buy them both and put them together. If you will notice, bringing them closer will form a heart! They were like a jigsaw puzzle. Bringing them closer together will form a heart!

I like how they look. They truly give me inspiration. Seeing them, they will fix your broken heart. They emphasize love and inspiration! Nice!

Actually among all of my angel collection, these two were my favorite! It's because of their uniqueness and message they want to emphasize.

Since I love them, I placed them on our cozy glass center table. They give life and love in our living room area. Visitors can easily notice and be attracted on them!

Love, love, love my angels of love! Hope that they can spread their love on the people who truly needs love and affection! Great! =)

Next time, I will let you meet my other more angels! I Love you all! c",)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Digital Sports Watch!

Two weeks ago, I bought a digital sports watch in one of the prestige malls. Above is how it looks like!

That said digital watch is extra-ordinary. Yup, it's a hi-tech watch. Or should I say, it's a complete watch?!

Besides telling the exact time in hours and in minutes, it also gives the actual hours in second. And it has a complete date! Yeah, this watch also shows the current date, the month, the week, and the day in digital format! You can adjust it depending on your desire! Nice!

What more?! It has an alarm clock! Yup, you can set the time or date to alarm you of your important set time or date! Of course just like the ordinary watch, it also has a timer.

Aside from these, this sports watch is water resistant! Some samples of it displayed on the mall were soaked in water! And it varies in color! The color ranges from light colors like blue, white, pink, and yellow to black! And I love its casing! You can display it in your home! In my case, I placed inside its casing my old watch and displayed it in my cabinet! =)

Next time, I will buy the other design of this watch. Like it?! Hope you would! c",)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Tsunami Video Footage in Japan!

Just recently, a strong earthquake followed by big Tsunami hit Japan. The place in Japan called Tokyo was greatly affected by this said disaster registering a magnitude scale of 8.9.

This afternoon, almost all of the news were all about this unpredictable calamity. Many were now on their TV watching current updates.

Even the internet and the different social networking sites were captured by this disaster. Different video footage showed how cruel Tsunami was in the Japanese nation.

By now, I would like to share with you some of the different actual video footage showing how earthquake and Tsunami hit Japan. Let's all watch these:

Very frightening! Thanks God we're not yet hit by this kind of disaster. But right now, news coverage in our country were forecasting that at around 5-7pm tonight, different Philippine provinces will be hit by Tsunami. They say "papunta na daw ang Tsunami dito..." that's why people are preparing now.

Hope that it would not affect our place. Let's keep on praying! Hope that all of us will be safe! May the Lord help us! c",)

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Magic Jellies!

Previously, I share with you all about a lucky indoor plant called "Lucky Chinese Bamboo". As I have said, this kind of plant grows either in water or in magic jellies!

Do you wonder how these magic jellies look like? And how do they make this lucky plant fertile?!

Well, I will share with you today all about these magic jellies! And here is how they look like:

Magic Jellies Vary in Color

Pink is For Love!

Yup, these magic jellies vary in color! Each color has its own meaning. For instance the pink jelly is for love, the blue jelly is for tranquility, and the green one is for health. There is also a corresponding meaning for the white, violet, and orange jellies! In my case, I use the pink and the green jellies since I'm pro-love and pro-health!

I asked how this jelly works. According to the saleslady, these jellies contain fertilizer and water which sustain the life of the lucky plants.

We should also need to maintain those jellies by touching it with a wet hand. Yup, this is a form of washing the said jellies. We should not wash them with water since it will sip the water causing them to enlarge. But in my case, I still wash them with water! Washing them should be once a week.

Right now, two of my bases use jelly. Hope that my lucky indoor plants would not die using it since I observed that my plants were starting to turn brown when using jelly! c",)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Updates on My Blog Earnings!

Recently, I have shared with you a special post showing my first Google Adsense earnings. That was the time when I finally received my earning through Western Union Money Transfer. That earning was an accumulated points I earned from the time I started to place ads on my websites.

But aside from that said Google Adsense earning, do you know that I have other more ways of generating income through all my blog sites?! Yeah, and these were the things I will share with you today!

To inspire you, I will share with some of my current earnings from all my blog sites. Here is the current update (as of March 3, 2011) of the money I have on the internet:

Google Adsense Earnings

Paypal Accumulated Earnings

Nuffnang Earnings

Payperpost Earnings

These earnings and payments came from the ads in my websites. Others were from the paid articles I have posted. Yup, if your blog site has a huge traffic, has high ranks, and has many hit and visits, definitely more advertisers will be interested in your blog! More advertisers mean more earnings, more money!

I'm so glad that I didn't only enjoy writing, developing, and designing blog sites...I also earn from them! Nice!

Hope that I inspire you with some of my blog earnings. Aside from these only payments, I have other more blog earnings which were not listed here. I will share with you those in my succeeding posts! Have a pleasant day to everyone! c",)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March 2011 - "The Birth Month Special!"

It's big birthday celebrations this month of March! Yeah, it's birthday celebrations! Not once, but twice!

We will celebrate two birthdays this March! The first one will be the birthday of yours truly! Then the second one will be the birthday celebration of...The Rock Land! Yehey!

I will be celebrating my birthday this coming March 19 while this blog will celebrate its third year birthday this coming March 15! Wow! It's a double fun here and only here in the Rock Land!

Since I will celebrate my birthday together with this blog, expect more exciting new topics to be featured here in this site! Do you have a clue about the things that we will offer for this month of March?!

First of all, I will share with you some of the anecdotes of my own life! Yup, some of my real-life stories that will make you laugh, teach you a lesson, or inspire you! Of course, I will also share with you some important things in my life! Some of the things which I cherished most!

I will also let you see my different collections! These are the things which I enjoy collecting! And of course, I will also tell you some of my favorite hobbies and past-times!

In terms of this blog, of course I will post some special tributes pertaining and in accordance to its third year birth anniversary!

And aside from all of these, expect for more surprises! Yeah, it's a double blowout from Rocky and from The Rock Land! Exciting!

So, it's truly a "Happy Yipee Birthday" treats from the two of us! Enjoy! c",)

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