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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What is Your Chinese Horoscope Sign?!

Horoscope is one of the hottest topics nowadays. Since the issue of changes in our horoscope sign and the addition of the new one, people were getting curious about their respective signs!

Since the Pinoy horoscope is quite confusing right now, I would not like to discuss this controversial topic. Still, I keep on believing in my birth sign which is Pisces! I'll stick on that 'till the end! Hehe...!

Since we are still celebrating the Chinese New Year and since I have a Chinese blood, let's focus ourselves now to the so-called Chinese Horoscope!

What is your Chinese Horoscope Sign?!

The Chinese Horoscope

Some were still confuse if what is their exact Chinese horoscope sign. Others didn't know if what is their corresponding Chinese Horoscope. If you were to ask me if what is my Chinese birth sign, I would proudly say that I was born on the year of the rat!

I have here a table representing the corresponding Chinese signs. Check out on this table your respective sign!

What is your Birth Year?!

And here are the different characteristics of each sign. Did they reflect your real personality?!

Rat = Mouse (timid, secretive, sneaky)

Ox = Buffalo (sacredness, life builder) Bull (strength, warning)

Tiger = Cougar (leadership, courage) Lion (power, strength, respect)

Cat/Rabbit = Cat (independence, grace) Rabbit (alertness, nurturing)

Dragon = Dragon (wisdom, nobility)

Snake = Snake (shrewdness, transformation)

Horse = Horse (stamina, nobility, strength)

Sheep = Ram (new beginnings, determination)

Monkey = Gorilla (brute strength, adaptability)

Rooster = Road Runner (speed, agility, cleverness) Swan (grace, balance, festive)

Dog = Dog (loyalty, protection) Wolf (loyalty, success, preservation)

Boar = Pig (intelligence, hunger)

2011 is the year of the rabbit! The sign is reset every twelve year. So if 2011 is the year of the rabbit, the next year of the rabbit will be on 2023!

So let's embrace the year we have now! Hoping for more goodlucks and blessings this year of the bunny! c",)

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