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Sunday, February 27, 2011

"Mara Clara (Susan Africa)" - The 'Waka-Waka' Parody!

Aside from "Dynamite" which Sir Rex Kantatero and Pakito Jones performed using their own version, another hit song which they sang in their morning program "Kamote Club" is the hit song from Shakira!

In Sir Rex Kantatero and Pakito Jones parody, Shakira's "Waka-Waka (This Time for Africa)" is called "Mara Clara (Susan Africa)"! They really created a very good lyrics of it pertaining to the former "Mara Clara" actress Ms. Susan Africa! They sing it the same thing Shakira sang!

Do you want to watch and hear how they did it?! Well, let's sing and dance with the "Waka-Waka" parody called "Mara Clara"! Another nice song!

Another two thumbs up and a well-round of applause for Sir Rex Kantatero and Pakito Jones! They were truly creative! Galing!

Ms. Susan Africa even appreciated this parody about her! She posted a good comment about this one praising these two!

These two DJs truly make 93.9 iFM a very unique FM radio station! They created a difference and a trade mark! Great, great, great!

More parodies to come! Thanks! c",)


Susan Africa finally meets the genius composers of the Waka Waka parody last December 1, 2011:

On December 1, 2011, Susan Africa personally meets and thanks the composers of Waka Waka Susan Africa parody:

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