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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Girl Who Made Lady Gaga Cry!

Just recently, another little girl created a big wave in the internet. Another YouTube sensation was born!

She is no other than Maria Aragon, a 10-year-old Canadian-Filipina and is currently based in Winnipeg, Canada. Both of her parents are Filipinos but she was born in Canada!

And why she became famous now?! Well, read this tweet from Lady Gaga:

Lady Gaga's Tweet

She became so popular and is now the current talks of any website after Lady Gaga tweets a YouTube video of Maria’s version of her new song “Born This Way” last February 17. Imagine, a famous artist like Lady Gaga would tweet a YouTube like this appreciating a n unknown little talented Pinay Kid! Wow!

If you didn't yet watched the complete video, here is it:

After the spreading of the said video, Lady Gaga talks with the little girl! And here is their conversation:

Wow, it's really very amazing and inspiring! Just like Charice, Rap Salazar, Arnel Pineda, and other former YouTube sensations who were now very famous artists, this little girl would somehow be as famous as them!

This only proves that nothing is impossible! Everyone of us though unknown by now could instantly become a star like them soon!

Since Lady Gaga has eight million followers, this said video version of Maria spread like a wild fire! In fact, that said video ranks No. 5 in the category Most Viewed (Today) and No.2 in the Most Viewed (Today)-Musicians.

As of today, February 23, 2011, that said video got an overall total of 11,460,114 views! Nice! Great one Maria! Filipinos were very, very, proud of you! c",)

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