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Sunday, February 27, 2011

"Dumpsite" - The 'Dynamite' Parody!

My favorite FM radio station today is 93.9 iFM! Aside from giving us a combination of modern songs and classic hits, one thing that makes it my favorite is their morning program called "Kamote Club"!

There is a portion in this program wherein they made their own parody of different hit songs. Sir Rex Kantatero and Pakito Jones sing together different parodies! They were truly creative that they can change the lyrics of different songs and can sing it the same thing with the original!

One of the modern song which they created their own version is the Taio Cruz's hit "Dynamite"! In their parody they named it as "Dumpsite"!

Do you want to hear their version of it?! Well, here is their uploaded music video in YouTube. Let's watch and hear how creative Sir Rex and Pakito Jones are:

Hahaha! Very nice! Truly "ang galing nila"! Thanks that they uploaded this video in YouTube! Before, I'm looking if they will launch an album compilation of their song parodies. I'm so thankful that they uploaded some in YouTube!

As I have discussed in my other blog called Rhythm of the Rock, the song "Dynamite" has a sentimental value to me! It's good that Sir Rex and Pakito Jones made a great parody of it!

Nice one Sir Rex and Pakito Jones! Two thumbs up to the two of you! c",)

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