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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Chicken Macaroni Salad for the New Year!

On the New Year's eve, one of the desserts we prepared and served was the chicken macaroni salad. Besides the graham buko and mango desserts and buko salad, I told my mom to also serve a macaroni salad to give way to a non-sweet dessert. This is my first time to make a chicken mac salad!

Since it's my first recipe, I'm not sure about all its ingredients. I text my teammate to confirm the ingredients. But I received no reply from her so I called my close friend.

Thanks to my close friend. He gave me all the ingredients to prepare a chicken mac salad. He even instructed me what to do.

And here's how I do it:

Boiling and Draining the Macaroni Pasta

Mixing All the Ingredients

Putting the Finished Product in their Respective Trays

Placing the Finished Product in Refrigerator for Cooling

A followed my friend's instructions in preparing this chicken mac salad. The ingredients were elbow macaroni, boiled chicken flesh, mayonnaise, powdered black pepper, chopped carrot, and dried grapes (pasas). Yup, there's no need for an all-purpose cream! According to him, they didn't used an all-purpose cream in preparing this said.

Some people add an onion to it. But in our case, we don't like! Others even add pineapple chunks or cherries to it! When all these ingredients were complete, time now to mix them!

When the mixture is finally complete, we can now place it in their respective trays and put in in refrigerator for cooling! Afterwards we can serve it!

Oh I really love it! It tasted so good! Yup, this is more delicious than those I previously tasted from the other makers! My mom even like it!

When you visit me in our home, I'll serve you some! Happy New Year everyone! C",)

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