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Thursday, January 27, 2011

The New Philippine Peso Bill Designs!

The Bangko Sentral Ng Pilipinas (BSP) already launched the new designs of our Philippine Peso bills. And it was already signed and approved by President Noynoy Aquino.

Do you already see these brand new looks of our Philippine peso bills?! Or do you already owned one of them?! Well if not yet, I will share with you all of them! Are you ready?

Ladies and gentlemen, here are our brand new looks of our Philippine Peso bills:

The New Php20.00

The New Php50.00

The New Php100.00

The New Php200.00

The New Php500.00

The New Php1,000.00

What can you say about our new money?! Do you like their new designs?!

Actually the six Philippine bill denominations namely the Php20, Php50, Php100, Php200, Php500, and the Php1,000 were all have new designs. The different heroes who represented each money were still in their corresponding bills. The main different that we can notice in these new moneys is the appearance of the heroes. Yup, they all looks younger!

In Php500 bill, the 'Mother of Democracy' Mrs. Corazon Aquino finally joins her better-half Sen. Benigno 'Ninoy' Aquino. They two truly gave one of the biggest contributions in the history of the Philippines! So in this particular peso bill, their good deeds were being appreciated!

Aside from the new appearance, another distinguishing characteristic of these new moneys is the tiny replica of the heroes in their upper left corner. According to the reports, these new designs were more secured and more protected. They cannot also be easily destroyed! And at the back side of these new bills, new designs showing different Philippine scenes and cultures were featured!

What more can you say about our new Philippine peso bills?! Do you like them better than our previous designs?!

It said that these new bills will be launched this 2011. Our previous bills were gradually phasing out!

Like many of us, I didn't yet owned any of these. So like you, I'm also excited to grab one! One of my officemates already got the new Php20 bill. And he didn't use it. Rather he displays it in his workstation! c",)

Friday, January 21, 2011

"11 For 11" - My 11 Top Plans This 2011!

At the end of 2010, I shared with you my so-called "10 of 10" which summarized my top 10 major accomplishments for 2010. Now, I will share with you my "11 for 11"!

What are the things I'm looking for this year?! What are my plans?! What are my goals that I will need to accomplish before the end of the year?!

So, join me today as I count my 11 plans for this year of the rabbit! What are they? Here we go!

1. Increase Savings and Investments

Last year, my savings account in one of the major banks undeniably increased! What more that I can do? Maintain it! Maintain its continuous growth! I'll save more. Yup, I set a maximum target savings amount for this account. And when I reach that said maximum target, I wouldn't stop! I'll ensure that it will grow larger and larger!

More Savings and Investments

2. A Sexier Body

Wealth is nothing if your health is poor! Yeah, I'm not only maintaining my career or investment, I am also ensuring that I have a fit and sexy body! And for this year, I will ensure that I can reach my target body shape! A sexier, a hotter, and a yummier body! I'll continue my workouts more rigid! And when I reach that hot and sexy body, it only ensures that I will become more marketable! Haha!

A Sexier and Hotter Body

3. More Blog Earnings

Last year, I got my first payment from my blogs! And before the end of 2010 up to this early part of 2011, my earnings from these blogs keep on rising! Everyday it grows and grows! This year, I promise that I will earn more from these!

4. More Intense Love Life

This year I couldn't promise that I will have a steady love life...that I will stick to only one person. But for sure, my love life for this year will intensify! It will be hotter and more sizzling than the previous years! Though I put my career on the top of my priority, I'll also ensure that I didn't taken for granted my love life. And yes, expect more daring moments and more bed scenes! Hehe!

5. Career Opportunity

My career last 2010 is really a boom! My career really grows and I handle different managerial positions! Hmmm...will I be paid for all that hardships now that we have a new management?! What is waiting ahead for my career path this year?! But one thing for sure, I'm ready to explore new opportunity if I'm not satisfied with my increase!

Increase Blog Incomes

6. Buying of Other More New Things

Yup, last 2010 I really bought so many things for our home and for myself. A laptop, an aircon, a bed, a mini cassette, cabinets, and other furniture marked our previous year. What more will I buy for this year?! Well, let's wait and see!

7. Blogs Empowerment

2009 marked the rise of all my blog sites. Then in 2010, they really grows and become famous which lead to increase of my payments and earnings! And for this year, expect that they will really become more powerful! I'll enhance them and I will let them be more marketable! And you will really enjoy them for sure!

8. Launching of Other More Blogs

If I will enhance and empower my previous blogs, this year expect more other blog sites will rise! I'm planning to launch two or three other more new blogs this 2011. Hope that time permits. If I'm not so very busy this year, I will have a time to create more!

More Intense Love Life

9. Exploring Other More New Things

Yeah, I will try new things! Things that were not part of my daily routines. I started it in the late part of 2010 and I'll continue them this 2011! I'm doing now other new things outside my comfort zone!

10. Increase Collections

Like I told you in my 2010 accomplishment report, I started to collect angels. My collection of these cute little things were growing. Every payday, I buy some. Seeing them really relieves my stress and tension. They were really fun to see and own. They were really seems sent by heaven to make you happy!

11. Meeting and Dating More People

And finally for this year, expect that I will date more people! I'll meet and socialize with different people. I'll even reunite with my former college friends. Expect to see me in different parties dating, dancing, and kissing with someone! Haha!

These were just some of my Top 11 plans for 2011. Of course I have also other things in mind that were not included in this list. Some will happen unexpectedly. But the best thing to start your year is set your targets. And from that targets, you may even insert some more!

Hopefully at the end of 2011, these things were all successfully done. Hope that all these things were mission accomplished! Have a nice day to everyone! Let's all start this year right! C",)

Friday, January 14, 2011

January 2011 - "Another New Beginning"!

Welcome 2011...! This phrase is always heard every start of the year. "Welcome", "beginning", "start", "opening"...some of the popular words that connote the month of January!

We are now starting another new year. And we're already spending some of the days of January!

Of course just like I always do, I will give you some of the things to look for here in The Rock Land this month of January 2011! What do you think will these be?!

Yeah since it's January, we will be talking about lots of new beginnings!

For this month, expect that I will share with you different posts about the so-called beginnings! How will I start this year of the rabbit?! What are my plans for this year?! What are my goals for the year?! What are the things I'm expecting from 2011?!

Well, these were some of things that I will share this month! I will also give you my plans for 2011. Join me as I set my goals for this year of the rabbit! Let's start another new year with a great beginning!

And of course, expect other more surprises! Exciting! New year, new beginning...! Let's all start the year right! Cheers! C",)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Year of the Rabbit in the Rock Land!

Welcome 2011! Welcome cutest rabbit!

We already spent the first week of January 2011 and actually we're already in its second week! This year is the year of the rabbit! What will be the future it will bring to all of us?!

But before we predict our future for this year of the rabbit, let us first expect rather than predict our future posts and your expectations here in your favorite Rock Land!

As I always do, of course you can expect more and more surprises! This year marks the third year of The Rock Land! Wow! And if will be a very big celebration! Yeah, I will announce it to all of you very soon!

Just like the different TV networks who always give their program line up every quarter, I'll also give to you my monthly specials per quarter!

Guys, here are what you can expect here in The Rock Land this first quarter of 2011:

January 2011 - "A New Beginning"

Definitely every start of the year, every first month of every year, expect more new beginnings! My plans for the whole year, my resolutions, and my accomplishments are some of the highlights of this month!

February 2011 - "Love Stories and An Anniversary"

What will you expect every February...? Of course love stories! Yup, I will share with you some of the most important moments in my love life! The never-been told stories about my past, present, and future love affairs! And of course we will not only talk about love! This coming February, I'll be celebrating my third year anniversary here in my company! So, it's gonna be a love and career story on the second month of the year!

March 2011 - "An Anecdote of My Life"

Yes, March is a very important month to me! Why? It's because without it, you will haven't meet Rocky and you won't be able to enjoy this site! Yeah, March is my birth month! And in this special month, expect more special posts! If last year I share with you my different shots and angles, this year I will tell you some of the most important anecdotes in my life! You will learn some of the hidden chapters in my life! Hehe!

Are you excited?! Definitely! These are just some of my first quarter offer here in the one and only Rock Land this year of the rabbit! Expect more surprises in the succeeding posts! Happy New Year every one! C",)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

"10 of 10" - My Top 10 Accomplishment for 2010!

After we bid goodbye with the year of the tiger, the year 2010, let's look back for the 10 great things brought to me by this year.

It's now time to count our blessings! What are the blessings given to me by the year 2010? What are the great new things 2010 left to me?!

As I always do every end of the year, here is my year-end report! This is my "10 of 10" which denotes my Top 10 Accomplishment for 2010!

Let's now start our countdown! Of course on top is the most significant! Here you go:

1. A Project Manager and a Test Coordinator

- My successful career even more prosper this year! Yup, this is the year when I became a Project Manager of two projects in our company. What more, I even became a Test Coordinator in one of our project release! Month after month, I handle different projects! This year really made my career in terms of management a prosperous one! Thanks to my previous manager for his trust in my managerial skills!

2. The Purchase of My Brand New Toshiba Laptop

- This year is also the year wherein I bought different things and appliances in our home. But the most expensive and the most precious of them is my brand new Toshiba Laptop! I bought it last October 24, 2010 together with a wireless router! I got the latest model. Though its quite expensive since its Toshiba, a high-end brand of laptop with the latest model, thanks God I can afford to buy it! I already gave my former PC to my younger brother. Now both of us were enjoying surfing the net at the same time!

3. Continuously Growth of My Bank Savings

- Every payday, I put some money savings in my bank account. And before the end of the year, I'm so glad that my savings really grow! It continuously increase! From this savings, I afford to buy a brand new laptop and sustain the tuition fee of my younger brother who is currently taking up an IT course in STI college!

4. TV Series Craze Rocks

- My blog site called TV Series Craze is now the No. 1 entertainment blog site in the field of TV series! I'm so amaze that everyday, its rankings keep on rising! More and more visitors were visiting it everyday. Now, this site got 3,000 to 4,000 daily visits! What more, as of this day, its Alexa Rank is now 533, 035. On Top Philippine Blog, its at No. 42. On Worldwide Top of Blogs, it's currently at No. 5! And on Blogroll Center, it's at No. 1! Wow! Thank you very much my avid readers! You made its success!

5. The Purchase of Brand New Appliances

- Aside from the purchase of my brand new Toshiba Laptop, this year really marks the purchase of our other new appliances! Yup, 2010 is the year when we bought our other big and expensive appliances like air-con and double-deck bed! We also bought new stuff toy cabinet, an office chair, new computer table for the laptop, and other more home accessories! Our home is now filled with new appliances! Thank you Lord!

6. The Birth of Three New Blogs

- Aside from the previous blog sites that you know, three more blogs were born this year! One of these was created through Wordpress while the other two were sexy daring hot blog sites! The blog site called "Rockz Cafe" was born last February using the Wordpress platform. This is all about my Cafe World design and updates. Cafe World is a popular Facebook game which made me addicted to it! I use a pen name in writing my two daring sexy blogs. I didn't use my name in these two blogs since its very controversial! The first one was born last May while the other one was last September! With the collection of all my blog sites, a league of all the Rocky's blogs called The Rock's Blog Network" was formed!

7. An Active Sex Life

- This year is really the 'hottest' year for me! Ooh yeah! Uhh...! I'm single but take note, I have a very active sex life! Haha! I got some sexual encounters with the new people I met. I made many bed scenes this year! The last one night stand I had was last December 22! Too sexy this year was! I even had a kissing scene in the bar! Haha! Though I'm not yet committed to someone, I had plenty of sex!

8. Payments and Earnings From My Blogs

- Finally, I got my very first earning from my blogs! Yeah, I already received my payments from my income generating blogs. These were the accumulated earnings of my blogs last 2009. I received it through my Paypal account and I withdraw it through Union Bank ATM. Nice!

9. New Friends and New Apples of the Eye

- Besides earning money, position, appliances, and other material things, I'm glad that this year, I met new people, new friends! Some of these people who became my friends were from other team. Some were those I met in the parties! Of course, I got many apples of my eye! I think two or three for this year! Haha! They were my 'special someone' for the year!

10. A Brand New Collection

- Aside from my collection of books, magazines, stuff toys, and DVDs, a new collection rose this year! This 2010, I started to collect angels! Yup, different types of cute figurine angels! Every payday, I bought some in Trinoma. They were really cute! I put them in our LCD flat screen TV, in my brother's PC, and in my laptop table. Some were under our red Christmas tree! This new year, I will buy some more! Yeah, I will share my angel collection in my succeeding posts!

These are my "10 of 10", my Top 10 accomplishment last 2010! Of course, I even got some blessings not included in this list. Some were minor to mention but I really appreciate them!

Of all these accomplishment, all I can say is thank you! Thank you our dearest Lord for giving me all of these! I really appreciate these! I'll cherish them!

This 2011, I'm looking forward for more new blessings to come! But of course, all these gifts is because of us then given by the Lord! We cannot receive the blessings we desire if we didn't work hard for it and without trust to God! As they say "nasa Diyos ang awa nasa tao ang gawa...", let's strive hard to achieve all our desires! Thank you 2010! C",)

Chicken Macaroni Salad for the New Year!

On the New Year's eve, one of the desserts we prepared and served was the chicken macaroni salad. Besides the graham buko and mango desserts and buko salad, I told my mom to also serve a macaroni salad to give way to a non-sweet dessert. This is my first time to make a chicken mac salad!

Since it's my first recipe, I'm not sure about all its ingredients. I text my teammate to confirm the ingredients. But I received no reply from her so I called my close friend.

Thanks to my close friend. He gave me all the ingredients to prepare a chicken mac salad. He even instructed me what to do.

And here's how I do it:

Boiling and Draining the Macaroni Pasta

Mixing All the Ingredients

Putting the Finished Product in their Respective Trays

Placing the Finished Product in Refrigerator for Cooling

A followed my friend's instructions in preparing this chicken mac salad. The ingredients were elbow macaroni, boiled chicken flesh, mayonnaise, powdered black pepper, chopped carrot, and dried grapes (pasas). Yup, there's no need for an all-purpose cream! According to him, they didn't used an all-purpose cream in preparing this said.

Some people add an onion to it. But in our case, we don't like! Others even add pineapple chunks or cherries to it! When all these ingredients were complete, time now to mix them!

When the mixture is finally complete, we can now place it in their respective trays and put in in refrigerator for cooling! Afterwards we can serve it!

Oh I really love it! It tasted so good! Yup, this is more delicious than those I previously tasted from the other makers! My mom even like it!

When you visit me in our home, I'll serve you some! Happy New Year everyone! C",)

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