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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What's In the Blue Bag?!

What do you think is inside this blue bag?! Can you make your wildest guess?!

Yup, this is what I got from our recently held team Christmas party! Just what I told you, during our so-called 'Seafood' Christmas party at the Dampa, we also conducted our grand Kris-Kringle or Exchange Gift revelation!

Is there a magic in this Blue Magic bag?! What do you expect inside it?!

During our Kris-Kringle, I used "Midnight DJ" as my codename. "Ex-GF ni Jhun Pyo" was the codename of my girl officemate who gave me this gift!

Well on my next post, I will reveal what's really inside in this blue bag! So catch it up! Merry Christmas everyone! c",)

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