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Friday, December 3, 2010

Our 'Seafood' Team Christmas Party!

Before the much awaited annual Company-Wide Christmas Party this coming December 10 at the Hard Rock Cafe with a Glam Rock theme, our team will have first our own Christmas Party.

And this will be...TODAY at 3pm onwards!

We will have our Kris-Kringle revelation and dinner at Dampa! And here's what we're going to eat:

Lovin' Sweet and Spicy Crab

The Butter Garlic Shrimp

I Like the Calamares with Mayo

A Lapu-Lapu

Liempo So Deliciouso

Yes, it's a Seafood Christmas Party in Dampa! All of the foods (except the Liempo) were all the yummiest foods we love!

To prepare ourselves for this small seafood party, some of us ate less during our afternoon lunch. We're all excited for this another team Christmas bonding for the year.

This is the location of the place:

The Location Where We Will Enjoy the Fun

Before 3pm today, we will all go to the place called Dampa and we will enjoy those foods! Exciting!

Besides eating, the place also has a videoke where we can enjoy singing. Yup, we reserved the place solely for our team. We rented a private place so that we can enjoy each others' bond! We also prepare games! Oh yeah!

And before we enjoy eating and playing, we will first have our team pictorial! Yes, just like what we have last year! Of course I will also share with our whole team pictures just like I did last year!

So, see you in my next exciting post. I'll now prepare myself for our pictorial and for our seafood party in Dampa! See yah! C",)

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