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Monday, November 29, 2010

My USB Fountain!

Just recently, I bought a USB fountain in one of the leading computer accessories store. And I was really amazed how it works!

Do you wonder why it is called as a USB fountain?! Well, it's very simple! It will work when you connect its USB connector to a PC or in any other devices having a USB slot. In my case since our stereo component has a USB slot, I connected my fountain to it! And yeah, it works!

This how my USB fountain looks like:

As you can see, it's very cute and attractive! The design is a bamboo faucet. The water flows from the hole above the piece of bamboo, going to the bamboo, then the bamboo swings until the water flows in its mini-canal!

If I'm not mistaken, the design of my USB fountain is inspired in bathroom resorts and beaches! The bamboo faucet is surrounded by the bamboo walls. The area seems enclosed specially it someone will need to take a bath on this. And of course, the floor is made with white sand. I like the white sand on it! Very creative!

The design as well as the color theme of this fountain is very relaxing specially when the water is flowing to it! The green bamboo wood as well as the bamboo walls and the white sand perfectly blends with one another! And since it is connected to our stereo component, whenever our component is turn on, the fountain works together with the music! So, the music coming from our radio synchronizes the flowing water in my fountain! So relaxing, it's stress relieving!

Actually this USB fountain comes with a lot of designs. Yup, so many designs to choose from like the fountain angel, the holy cross, the cemented tiger, the wall fountain, and so many more. But I chose this one to blend in our home! And I placed it besides our green flower base to add elegance!

What can you say about my USB fountain?! Do you love it too? Do you also feel relax and inspire seeing this?! What other more suggestions you can give me?! Hope you'll like it too! By the way, it's an energy saving fountain since it is run only by your PC or any devices having a USB slot! C",)

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that is really cute.. how much would that cost?.. i would like to get one for myself.. :)

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