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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's Raining Every All Saint's Day

Yup, it always rains every All Saint's Day! Did you also observed that or noticed this trend?!

I didn't remember any 'Todos Los Santos' without rain every afternoon. Since I was a kid, I always experienced and observed that rains follow every All Saint's Day! Do you wonder why this is happening?!

According to my aunt, it rains every All Saint's Day because the dead were crying! "Lumuluha raw ang mga patay dahil walang dumadalaw sa kanila..."!

In one of my favorite radio stations, the DJ also explained this theory. It's the same thing! According to her, the dead were crying! They were crying because for the first time they received flowers! "Nung nabubuhay pa sila, walang nagbibigay sa kanila ng bulaklak at hindi pa sila nakakatanggap na bigyan nito kahit na minsan. 'Nung namatay na, dun na madami nagbibigay sa kanila"! Who do you think will never cry receiving flowers for the very first time?!

Scientifically, they were no proofs about these theories. These were also jokes for others! But if you analyzed deeply, why did it rains every first day of November when people were visiting their love ones in the cemetery?!

Do you have any other more explanations for this?! Why does it rains every All Saint's Day?! Are dead really crying?! Well, don't be shy to post your comments and interpretations! Let me hear from. Let's share our ideas! C",)

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