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Monday, November 15, 2010

Beautiful Bathrooms!

Beautiful bathrooms with fresh fragrance, so relaxing, and inspiring! Well, that's my criteria in choosing a bathroom!

Yup, I really love a bathroom that looks like a bedroom. This is bathroom that you can actually sleep with or eat with because of its elegance and beauty! The surrounding were surrounded with elegant equipments and furniture that will drive your stress away!

Here are some. Take a quick glance:

These are cool bathrooms that I dreamed of. Yup, when I started to build my dream house, I will pattern my bathroom be just like these!

In these bathrooms, I love the designs! The paints were perfectly blend with the furniture and equipment. The textures of the floors and the walls were so right that will not let you slide. And of course, it is really made with elegance! They were truly beautiful bathrooms to own! Nice!

These elegant bathrooms were mostly seen in hotels, malls, or offices. They were made with luxury and beauty! It feels like you always go to a SPA whenever you enter in these kind of bathrooms! Your stress, your tiredness, and all the dirt in your body will truly removed as you go inside these beautiful bathrooms!

How about you, will you also love these beautiful and elegant bathrooms?! Which of these is your choice?! I love them all! C",)

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Yes, those are just some of the beautiful, yet common bathrooms of today. We design several of this in our office...Wanna have some of my bathroom designs? Hehehe!

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