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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

An Early Halloween Treat This October!

We are now on the tenth month of the year! Wooh...time is really fast! Just a while ago, we were starting the first month of the year, the month of the heart, my birthday, then summer, then now we are currently on the second Ber month!

What's in October?! Another interesting month to focus with!

For this year, October bears a significant number combination. We have in this month the so called 'triple 10' or the 10.10.10! Yeah, we will be having October 10, 2010, a perfect date to mark!

Since Halloween falls on the last day of October, we will be having an early Halloween treat! It's too early! We will discuss some of the ghost stories and we will look back to some of the mysterious or supernatural things! You can even share your own horror stories!

What more?! Of course expect other surprises! I will share with you surprise posts. But expect more posts about Halloween, ghosts, supernaturals, or magical tales! And since October also connotes a 'beer' month such as Oktoberfest or Rockfest, I will share with you humor post about beers and liquors! I assure, you will really laugh on that!

So let us embrace October. One month to go, we will be commemorating our departed love ones. Then two months later, it's the merriest event of the year, the Christmas time! Let's start then dealing with October...! Rock on! C",)

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Kami rin may Halloween Party, pero di ko na kailangan mag-costume. hehehehe!

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