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Sunday, October 10, 2010


"Triple 10"... Three 10's... 101010 or 10/10/10 or 10.10.10!

Another 'triple' number! Another date having three similar numbers. Today is Sunday, October 10, 2010!

Time is really fast. Just recently, I am writing an article about 09.09.09. It was September 09, 2009 before which was also a triple number date! And today, I am again here in front of my PC writing for a special post now about 10.10.10!

Like what I have said before, what is 10.10.10? Is there something important about this date? What is the significance of this date in our lives? Will it be a lucky date?

Have Your Marked The Date?!

Will I Wait for the Coming of Another Day...?!

Last year when I was writing an article about 09.09.09, I was in our office busy for work. It was Wednesday that year and I was in a night shift.

Today, I am now writing an article for another triple-numbered date. This time it's for 10.10.10. Unlike last year, I am now here in our home (since today is Sunday and my work rest day) writing an article using our own PC!'s an impressive accomplishment! It's because, I already owned now our own PC unlike before that I am only using our office computers to publish post. And it is one of the great developments to date! Probably next year when I write an article about 11.11.11, I will using my own laptop! Naks! Yes because I will buy my own laptop before the end of this year and I will give this PC to my brother!

Back in 10.10.10, when I searched the internet about this date, I found many events that are going to happen today. Many people, many associations, and many event organizers set their activities to be happened on the tenth day of October 2010! And one of these event is the fun run called "Takbo Para Sa Pasig", a fun run spearheaded by ABS-CBN to save the Pasig River. And proud to say that my brother is one of the runner since their school delegated them to be part of the event!

On TV, many of the new TV shows are set to start today! "Your Song Presents Andi" and "Star Power" are some of the instance!

But, why did they really set all things for 10.10.10?

Yeah, It's A Perfect Number!

Others Set Their Wedding in 10.10.10!

Churches and Other Organizations Set Activities Today!

10.10.10 looks perfect! It's a well-balanced number. It seems so lucky so people really go for it! It's another remarkable date in the history. And it's very easy to memorize!

Talking about World History (since World, Asian, and Philippine Histories were my favorite subjects in High School), do you know about the so-called "Double Ten"! Yup, it was an event in World History that happened on October 10 that's why it was called as Double Ten! I can't exactly recall that historical event. If I'm not mistaken, I think that was the domination of Genghis Khan or a particular revolution in China?! I will appreciate it you will help me verify that event! Hehe...!

Talking about my personal life, 10.10.10 is still another simple and plain date to me! No such special happenings or events. Still living the same life I have! I didn't expect any. It will come for good...!

Well, that's 10.10.10! How bout you?! Would you like to share your experience about this special date?! Let me hear from you! C",)

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I'm proud to say that I ran on 10-10-10 for the Benefit of Pasig River.

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