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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

5 Years Ago!

Yeah, it's already five years ago! Five years had passed! September 14, 2005 was the exact date!

Did you know that our love story was inspired by the love team of Angel Locsin and Richard Gutierrez?! Yup, we are just like Angel Locsin and Richard Gutierrez way back in College! She's Angel while I'm Richard! Our story also got the same path with Angel and Richard!

Just like our love story which is celebrating five years today, Angel Locsin is also celebrating her five years! Haha...she is also a shampoo commercial endorser for five years! She's a 'Head and Shoulder' girl for five years now!

I like her new 'Head and Shoulder' shampoo TV commercial saying, "5 years...5 years na akong walang dandruff"! Then me will say, "5 years...5 years na akong walang heartache"! Haha!

Angel and I were celebrating our own 5 years! Angel for her shampoo endorsement while me on my previous love story! But the only difference was that, Angel is still a shampoo endorser while me is not anymore endorsing our love team!

Just like Angel and Richard, their love team was not anymore visible! Their last moment together as a pair was during this Shampoo Commercial! And I really love that commercial! I feel that I'm still together with my former love! Haha...!

Here, I have with you the Shampoo Commercial photo of Angel Locsin and Richard Gutierrez! In that picture, I see myself hugged by my love! Yeah, I could still imagine we were still together! Hala...sabi 'moved on' na daw! Bakit may ganun...?! Yup, I already 'moved on'! I just like to celebrate or commemorate our 5 years! Is there's something wrong?!

Again and again, I would like to say, "I remember the girl but I don't remember the feeling anymore..."! C",)

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at least masaya k for 5 years na d bah... hihi.. 5 yrs n wlang heartache, ok yun.. hihi

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