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Saturday, June 26, 2010

The High School Class Picture II

After you saw my freshmen class picture, time now to proceed in my sophomore high school year.

My sophomore or my second year high school school year was on 1998-99. Yup, I was a 14-year old boy during those days. Still like a toddler! Haha... Can you spot me here in the picture?!

On this year, I further became excellence in Social Studies 2, that time it was Asian History! I got a consistent high grades, top-rater scores in every quizzes, and really show great excellence in this subject.

But the worst thing was, I was not became the Best in Social Studies in this year! You know why?! It was because my great rival for this subject, our valedictorian cheated us. When our teacher asked us to bring cleaning materials, all of us didn't able to bring. When I called my surname (I was the first in the list that was called since my surname started with letter B) I honestly told that I wasn't bring any! My teacher got angry! But when our valedictorian surname was called (she was called second to the last since her surname started with letter T), she used her handkerchief as a rug (kunwari) just to say that she had brought a cleaning material. Therefore our teacher was not get angry with her. Then our teacher eventually said, "now I know who will be my Best in Social Studies is...ang pagiging best ay hindi lang nakukuha sa galing kundi sa pagiging responsable!" pertaining to our valedictorian! So dishonest! That event made me cry too hard!!!

Other than this disappointed moment, the best thing that was most memorable in this year was our THE II class. Yup, always every week we always performed a drama or a role play. And our teacher was always proud on us. We always got a ceiling grade for every role play we performed! And I always won a best actor award! Hehe...

What other more memorable things during high school?! Well, we will discuss in my next posts! C",)

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