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Saturday, June 26, 2010

The High School Class Picture I

Yup this is my class picture when I was in First year high school. As you can see all of us were really young boys and girls. We all look like toddlers!

I was only a 13-year old boy in this picture. Yeah, too young and a fresh new teen!

My Freshmen year was on School Year 1997-98. The highlight of my first year high school year were the times when we always joined and won in the different drama skit contest. I was started to be known here as a best script writer. All my scripts were used in the drama contest and won.

In terms of Quiz Bee, I always joined in the different Science and Technology Quiz Bee during Science Fair and Quiz and won. And of course, in Social Studies I (Philippine History), I always brought home the bacon in every History Quiz Bee.

Yup, in this school year, Science and Philippine History were my cup of tea! These were my two strengths. But then in my over all academic performance, I excel putting me in the top 10 honor roll!

And at the end of our school year, I grabbed the crown being the "Best in Social Studies"!

Beside these things, I have other more stories to tell during my high school years. So watch out for that! These were just some of the things I remembered during my Freshmen days in HS! C",)

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