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Friday, May 28, 2010

The 'Kamasutra' Stone Statue!

This picture was taken last Summer of 2008 during our company outing in 88 Spa and Resort. What can see on the picture?

Yup, besides those green grass and plants were two persons hiding. What they were doing...?! Well, you know...!

Try to spot the two stone statues behind the green leaves. Yup, they were doing something...a lusty act! Yeah, they were having a love-making using different position.

Actually that statues were not only the pair doing sexy acts. There were many more pair of statues demonstrating different sexual positions! According to one of my teammates, it's a Korean tradition! It's a Korean style of Kamasutra portrayed by stone statues! Hmmmm...! sad that I wasn't able to take pictures of other statues! Well, hope to see more in our next outings...! Hehe...! C",)

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oooh, how pretty! i love how green it is... anyhoo! hope all is well, have a great weekend! :)

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