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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Black Propaganda!

Since the 2010 Presidential Election is nearer and nearer, the campaigns of the different candidates were becoming hotter and hotter! Each candidates throw different issues to their rivals. Some candidates even filed a case against their co-candidates. As they say..."nagbabatuhan sila ng putik!"

Above is just an example! It was a picture tagged to me by my friend in Facebook!

And since the election was not yet over, expect more and more issues to come. With this kind of trends, voters became confused. They didn't even know now who will going to take the seat in Malacanang. Now, they became undecided. And many decided not to vote anymore! "Sayang ang isang boto...!!!"

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if i may suggest, put up everything you see as black propaganda about other candidates and not just NA. cos he isnt the only one who's suffering from so-called "black propaganda".

what about those binay commercials that were purported by LP? what about those roxas commercials made by binay in response to LP? what about the morphed pictures of villar and gma tagged as "villarroyo"?

when people seek to expose something, they should do so with full disclosure and not be selective in their examples, to be fair. :)

but then again, i dont expect such underhanded trickeries from my candidate,though cos he maintains utmost professionalism and integrity with his campaign..

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