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Sunday, April 18, 2010

History of the Blogs Chapter 5: "A Collection of Literary Pieces"

After the birth of The Rock Land and Rhythm of the Rock, another site was born! This is the blog site intended or serves only as the storage of all the Rocky's literary pieces!

And it was named as..."The Rock's Literary Collection"! This is its story...

The Rock's Literary Collection Blog Site

The same year and month when The Rock Land and Rhythm of the Rock born, another site whch only serves as the storage site for my literary articles was created. This is named as The Rock's Literary Collection".

Born on April 22, 2008 having the URL of, The Rock's Literary Collection became available in the internet providing the readers with three of Rocky's top literary article. It has the subtitle description known as "A Collection of Gems from my precious mind..."!

The Logo of the Site Then and Now!

The URL rocklits again came from two words. It is "rocky" and "literary". Merging them formed "rocklits".

The very first post on this site was the Rocky's poem called "Rocky"!

But did you know that it only contains three poss?! These were the following:


"The Lord is My Rock"


After April 22, 2008, no other posts were published! Yup, these three and only these three!

The mere reason for this was that, this site is only for storage! It just housed my literary articles published and unpublished in College.

Of course these three articles were not my only literary articles in college. It just happened that these three have a soft copy. Since they have soft copies, it was easier for me to publish or post them in the internet! My other literary articles were already printed through hard copies! I don't anymore have their soft copies! It will take time to re-type them! But don't worry, maybe some other times you may see them here! =)

So, revisit the collection of gems from my precious mind through The Rock's Literary Collection!

See you again on the next exciting chapters of the history of my blogs...!!! c",)

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