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Friday, March 19, 2010

From A Childstar to A Matinee Idol!

A 2-Year Old Baby Rocky

It's already March 19, 2010! Another one year was added in my age! The star is now born! =)

Well, you wonder how I look like when I was born? So sorry for that since I wasn't able to provide you with my baby pictures. My baby pictures were in our family album and I wasn't able to scan it. But then I have something for you.

Yup, that was my picture taken when I was only two-year old. So cute! I was well-loved by all the people around me during that time. According to them, I was really a 'bibo' kid! I was like a child superstar!

If I was a childstar before loved by most people, now I was grown as a hunk matinee idol admired by many people! =)

And I also like to take this opportunity to give thanks to all the people, friends, and colleagues who greeted me a "Happy Birthday" just this morning! My facebook wall was now flooded by birthday greetings! I really appreciate it! Thank you!!! c",)

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