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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Picture Story 6: Packed-Up!

This picture was taken from our office way back in 2008! Two years had already passed. Like I've told you, I will be celebrating my 2nd Year Anniversary here in my work this coming February 11. And I will share with you each of my bits and pieces for this one!

So for our picture story today, can you tell me what we were all doing? Why did some of us already handling their bags? And why there were layers of cartons beside us?!

This is another part of my story here in my company. Later in my succeeding posts, I will tell you the answers! But for now, share your wildest guess!

I was in a nightshift that time! But look at me here, still looking fresh, cute, and hunky! Haha! c",)


Maybe, you'll pack-up for the transfer of office from Makati to the present place in the Fort...

Why did you say that you're still fresh? Maybe it's a product of hour-long treatment with face powder, like you were doing in PA office then. Haha!

Nice one Edlee! You got it! Yeah, that was the time during our move from one office to another since we were expanding our office, one in Makati and one in The Fort...! =)

Kuya Rocky, ayus nga ang katawan mo dito! Macho! =)

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