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Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Red Asian-Style 'Rockz Cafe' Going Stronger!

Yeah, I'm so glad with the current status of my Rockz Cafe in Facebook! You heard it right, it keeps on going stronger and successful! Right now, I am already on Level 30! And my area is about to expand!

And if you want to see how my latest design looks like, here is the picture above! What can you say?! Still my motif is an Asian or Chinese inspired! I call my design as "The Red Asian-Style Cafe"! Like it?

Visit the Official Website of the Rockz Cafe!

This is My Official Logo

The Current Design of My Cafe As Seen From Top

Of course as I launched it earlier, you may now visit the official website or blogsite of this Rockz Cafe. All the latest designs, evolutions of its design, as well as the chef and some of the dishes it serve were all there!

And there is also a special feature of the site. Yeah, I feature some of the designs of my neighbors cafe! So, you won't only view my own cafe but my neighbors' cafe as well! Excited?! Yeah, so visit the Rockz Cafe and have fun!

As I told you, it becomes stronger and stronger! Not only the website, but even in Facebook, it now have an official Page! To know more about the Rockz Cafe, kindly search Rockz Cafe on Facebook and become a fan!!

So see you in the Rockz cafe website or in its Facebook Fan Page! c",)

Friday, February 26, 2010


We are already in the last two days of the month of the heart! But before we finally leave this love month, allow me to give the last shot for love!

Nowadays, loveteams were very, very popular! Right now, the most popular love team we have are "Enrich", "Alkris", "Mattmet", and the phenomenal "Melason" and "Kimerald"! But, did you ever know that I have also involved in different loveteams before just like them?! Haha!

You want to know what these loveteams were?! Well, worry no more since I'll give it all to you!

If "Kimerald" or "Melason", or "Alkris", or "Enrich", or "Mattmet" were the most popular loveteams today, before and hopefully now, we also have a loveteam name! Do you want to know what are they?! So, there you go...!

Since previously I let you know the different titles of my love stories as well as my upcoming new teleseryes including the name of my former leading ladies, now in this post, I will tell you the most popular loveteam names we have before! Ready?!

Here are the loveteams I have involved with before:





What more?! Well, upcoming is this: "francky"! Hope that it would prosper! So keep on praying! Haha!

Actually the fourth name in the previous was a combination of three. Yeah, the three most popular leading ladies I have! Haha!

Now if I were to ask you, can you crack down those loveteam names to guess their origins?! Well, you have the skills!

And of course, which of these is your bet?! Which do you like the most?!

So, so long...farewell! Farewell love month for the meantime and welcome back next year! Hope you enjoy all my featured valentines posts!!! c",)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Picture Story 8: 'Till Death Do Us Part!

Oops...I know Halloween was over! But, it's not the Halloween that I want to emphasize. Instead, it's the Valentines that I like to highlights!

Before we depart the month of the heart, allow me to still give you a love-featured post!

Have you see the picture? Well, at first you will get frightened! This picture seems to came from the oldest 'baul' and the persons in the portrait were already withered!

Well if I were to ask you, how do you interpret this picture? What is the real meaning it wants to connote?! What will be the real story behind it? Do you believe in it?!

I know your heart was beating faster. Maybe because you're really afraid of that picture or that you're really inspired! But one thing for sure, you will truly love the true message behind it! Have you got it?!! c",)

Monday, February 22, 2010

New Love Stories In The Making

Recently, I have posted my past love story titles. From 1995 up to the early part of 2009, I have been so active in having a different affairs! My love life then seems like a top-rated teleserye and I became a certified "Teleserye Prince"!

In the mid of 2009 'till now, I wasn't have a formal TV series. I really missed my tapping days (moments with my love).

But then, I have my lineups! I have my upcoming new projects/love stories to make (hope it will prosper!). Are you excited to know them? Well, I'll give you a chance!

Below are my new upcoming love story titles to make this year and in the next succeeding years. Here they are:

"My 19-Year Old Lover"

"My Friend, My Lover"

"The Art of Loving You"

"Codename: Akiro"

Do you love it? Which of these excites you most?!

Well, to give you a quick preview of my upcoming love stories, "My 19-Year Old Lover" is my current target right now. I am in-love with a 19 year old student. Yeah, I graduating student whom I met in a particular place. Well, by now, we're starting to be close!

"My Friend, My Lover" is all about falling in love with a close friend. The cast will be me and my leading lady in the "My 19-Year Old Lover". Yup, this girl is really look-like and voice-like my former close friend in College. Since they share in many similarities, I gradually falling in love with her! My lover looks like my friend!

"The Art of Loving You" is a long-time queue teleserye way back in College! It's all about a photographer and a model! Since I love modeling and she likes photography, we had a perfect chemistry! Yeah, she's a fine art student way back in our College days and now a professional photographer of different models! I really wish to have her back! Or meet her one of these busy days! Did you know her!? Haha!

Of course, in the making is my sexiest and most daring teleserye ever! "Codename: Akiro" is a teleserye counterpart of "Eva Fonda"! "Akiro" is the male version of "Eva Fonda". Yup, "Akiro" will be my next codename / pseudonym! You will see more sexy bodies expose here! That's why right now, I am busy having workouts every weekends to prepare for this sexy-serye! More bed scenes will be seen here! The daring and the wildest side of me will all be witness here! Haha!

So, are you ready with these new offerings?! Of course, I know you really is! So get will come Soon!!! c",)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Presenting...The 'Rockz Cafe' Official Site!

You read it right! Yeah, your favorite Rockz Cafe now had an official blog site! And I formally launch it now to all of you here via the Rock Land!

You witnessed here in the Rock Land how the Rockz Cafe started, developed, grows, and transformed into a beautiful red resto! So definitely, since the Rock Land serves as its cradle, I will also give the privilege to launch its site here!

As you can see above, that is a snapshot of its official blog site! Do you love it? You may visit it via its link at: Rockz Cafe.

The Fresh and New Design of My Cafe

My Customers were Really Increases!

I termed its site as a photoblog since the major concern of the site or the major content are mainly the different pictures of the Rockz Cafe! You may see here the documented pictures and images of the Rockz Cafe from its humble beginning 'till its beautiful transformation! If you love artworks and designs, then you would love it too!

This time, I used wordpress as its platform. Yup, it's my very first account in wordpress! So you may see other features there that were not in my other blogs!

In that site you may see the evolution of my cafe! All the pictures that you had missed here were all there! It all contains the never before seen images! =)

And of course, the chef who's managing the Rockz Cafe is also there! Come and get to know Chef Rocky! =)

The Rockz Cafe as Seen from the Top

Thank You and Come Again!

All the updates that you need to know about the Rockz Cafe were there! The current design and the earliest designs were all posted there! You'll really love and enjoy it!

Also, I would like to take this opportunity to give you updates to the latest design of my cafe! Yeah, as of this moment, I'm already on Level 27! My level is getting higher and higher! Oops...I forgot to tell you that I already expanded my area! And of course, you see that I already changed my stoves into a cozy ones!

Now, take a glance of the current design of my Rockz Cafe! Still it is surrounded by RED! Red is my motif! Red is for love, fortune, courage and prosperity! Naks! =)

Do you love my current design? Do you like the additional ornaments in my cafe? How about the layouts of the tables and furnitures?!

The Official Logo of the Rockz Cafe Site

And of course, don't forget to visit the official photo blogsite of the Rockz Cafe. Just click here, then you will automatically go there! Feel the ambiance! Feel the romance! Visit the Rockz Cafe Site and you will fully feel relax and unwind! So, see you there...!!! =)

It's gonna be another new blog tambayan @ Rockz Cafe! Enjoy!!!! c",)

In The Name of Love!

Love is still around the corner! The month of love is still here. So, we will still talking further about love!

In my previous post, I have told you my teleserye-like love stories. Of course, you already knew now the different titles of my love stories just like a teleserye! And with those titles, you already got our theme songs!

What if I will tell you now the names inside those love stories?!'s exciting huh! =)

Oops...I won't tell you as easy as that! Let's put a twist! Let's have a quiz! Let's make it a love game! And what's the game?

Well, I have here with you a puzzle name. Yup, it's similar to a fill-in-the-blanks quiz. What you will do is to fill-up the blanks below with the appropriate letters to complete the names of my EXs ! If you are my bestfriend or my close friend, I know you can complete them and you will got a 100% pefect score! But then if you're not, well just make the wildest guess!

So, are you ready? Here you go...

1.) RA_ _ _ _ _ _E _ I

2.) _ U _ _ _ AR _ _ _ MO_ _ _ O

3.) _RA_ _ _ _ _ _ SE_ _ _E_ _ _ _ _A

4.) _A _ _ O _ _ _ _O

5.) JA_ _A_ _ _ _ _ N LI_

6.) _O_ _ AN _ _ _A F_ _ _ T_

7.) MA_ _ _ _ _RM_ _ _ _

8.) _ _ _ _ _ _RO_ _ A _

9.) J_A_ PA_ _ _ RO_ _ _

10.) AN_ _ J_ _ _ C_ _ _ _

11.) _ R _ _ _ _ _ _ _ A _ A _

12.)_ I _ _ A _ _AN_ _ _ _ _E_ _ _ _A

How many correct answers did you get? Perfect?! If you got the perfect score, then you are certified my closest bestfriend since you know everything! But then if you got a failing score, that only means we're not close! =)

To separate the first name to the surname, I made the first name as Red while the surname as Yellow!

To give you some clues, one of them was the one who dropped in our class. One of them was the one who flew in Dubai. The other one was my longest loveteam in Mulawin! Next was my co-staffer in the publication. Of course my first love and my puppy love were included in the list! What more, my summer romance in One Summer Day is also included! My co-scholar and my schoolmate who graduated together with me in the same year were also part of the list! And of course, my officemates before here in the Corporate World were also included! Now, do you finally know them?!

Confirmed! So no more to deny if you got the correct answers! Shot me an email so that I will verify the correct answers!!! c",)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Titles of My Love Stories!

We are currently celebrating the month of heart. Love is truly in the air! If I were to ask you, what is your love story? How can you describe the love you have now or the love affairs you had before?!

When a person was inlove, he was like living out of reality. It seems that he's on the fantasy world! Love or falling inlove in them became synonymous to other similar things!

Some thought that their love lives were like in the movies. Others relate themselves in a song or a theme song! Well in my case, do you know where I relate my different love stories?

Yup, all my close friends knew this! My love stories were like a TV series or a teleserye! Yeah, these were inspired and influenced by different teleseryes but I have my own unique love stories. Of course with my very own unique titles! Ready?! Let's have a quick run-down!

Here are the titles of my very own teleserye ng aking totoong buhay at pag-ibig. To all my friends there who already knew these, which of these can you relate with? Which of these were our soaps wherein we were the main cast?! =)

Here they are:

"I'll Never Go" - (Aug. 1995 - Mar. 1996)

"Born For You" - (Sept. 1999 - Mar. 2000)

"Pagdating Ng Panahon" - (Apr. to Nov. 2001)

"Muntik Na Kitang Minahal" - (Nov. 2001 to June 2002)

"Sana Ikaw" - (June to Oct. 2002)

"Because of You" - (Nov. 2003 to May 2004)

"One Summer Day" - (Apr. to June 2005)

"Bacolod" - (Oct. to Nov. 2005)

"Asian Dream" - (December 2005)

"I Love You _ _r_" - (Sept. 14, 2005 to Mar. 31, 2007)

"Love at First Ride" - (Apr. to Aug. 2007)

"Only Reminds Me of You" - (Nov. 2007 to Jan. 2008)

"Paano Na Kaya" - (Nov. 2008 to Feb. 2009)

"Crush (How May I Love You)" - (Feb. to May 2009) many teleserye I have gone so far! Because of these, I was then called a certified "Teleserye Prince"! Some of my close friends knew some of these since some of them were my sidekicks!

Well, to give you a bit description or a quick synopsis, "I'll Never Go" was all about my puppy love way back in Grade 5. Then "Born For You" was about my first love when I was in High School. Then, "Pagdating Ng Panahon" was about a friendship with my former DOST-scholar classmate who eventually I felt inlove with! Afterwards, "Muntik Na Kitang Minahal" was for my former publication co-staffer! "Sana Ikaw" was about my classmate and barkada who turned to be very close to me but eventually dropped our course! We had been for a very short period of time!

Continuing my remaining soaps, "Because of You" was about my love who flew to Dubai. Then "One Summer Day" was for a friend during our summer class whom I fell in love during our Intramurous trip. "Bacolod" was about the chain of love cycles happened in the City of Bacolod while "Asian Dream" was when I fell in love with the Japanese student during our student exchange! These two were very short, both mini-series! Then afterward here comes the longest reigning, "I Love You _ _ _ _" which was a fantaserye inspired by "Mulawin"!

Afterwards, my remaining love stories took now in the Corporate World. "Love At First Ride", a light-romance happened when I met my schoolmate in LRT. Then, "Only Reminds Me Of You" was another light-romance wherein I fell inlove with the person having similarities with my former love! Then "Paano Na Kaya" was about my former close friend whom my feelings developed with and "Crush (How May I Love You)" was for my officemate whom I fell because I always saw that person along our vicinity!

Woooh.... that was a very fast track! Hayz, I know you really relate with some of them! But then which of these you like the most?! Which inspired you most?! Which of them was a top-rated for you?!!! c",)

The Red Cafe

Have you been in the so-called Red Cafe? How do you like the place? So attractive, romantic, and really relaxing were some of the words to describe it!

Again, welcome back to your favorite cafe world named as the Rockz Cafe! Yeah my very own cafe resto is growing further! Actually I already expanded my area! And glad to say that I am already in Level 25. Yeepey!

Yup, I will still tour you to my newly expanded cafe! Ready...let's go! =)

More and More Customers were Attracted to its Ambiance!

A Growing and Expanding Red Cafe !

How do you like my design?

Still, my motif is a romantic red Chinese inspired! The place is surrounded with red hue blended with the red furniture! Are there any difference with my previous design in my previous level?

Yup! The primary difference was my land area. Like I have said, I already expanded my lot! And have you notice the stoves? Yeah, I bought a brand new expensive stoves! They were also increased in number. I also added an additional counter to cater my cooked dishes!

Of course, I put new ornaments to it to make the place more romantic and relaxing! Have you see them? Can you tell me which were the new ornaments?!

I always let you see my latest beautiful cafe. But have you already saw how my very first cafe looked like? Well, look at the images below:

A Very Humble Beginning!

This How My Cafe Started!

Yeah, that's how my red Rockz Cafe looked before! Very plain, very simple, with no things or furniture at all! A cafe with a very, very humble beginning!

Look at my place before, very pale! The walls were just painted with plain blue. The floor was just a brown wood! I have only 4 stoves with only 3 food counters. And I only had one waiter! Hayz...too simple...too small before!

But now, look how my cafe grows?! Lots of changes, lots of improvements, lots of developments were taken place! Now, I have 4 waiters! And my stoves and counters, can you count? =)

I really love my new cafe now! It's too relaxing to my eyes! My motif is really suited to our current celebration which is the Valentines and the Chinese New Year! It's a Chinese inspired restaurant! Convinced?!

Now what can you say about my current design? Do you like it? What more can you suggest? I'm willing to hear more from you! From a very simple canteen-type eatery to a very beautiful Red Cafe now...!!! C",)

Monday, February 15, 2010

A Powerful New Speaker for My PC!

Last December of 2009, I have let you see and explore my new PC in our home! Even the area where it was placed as well as its other accessories, all of them were exposed to you! Now, just this Saturday, I bought another important accessory of it! Ready?!

Yeah, I bought last Saturday a brand new speaker with a sub woofer for my new PC! Of course, I'll let you explore it! C'mon! =)

My Speaker with Sub Woofer on Top!

This is Now My Complete Set!

My PC has already a new speaker since before I bought it, I first bought a separate speaker from CD-R King. It was just a small ordinary speaker amounting for only less than two-hundred pesos! Though it was just ordinary and small, it produced a little sound with no beat at all! We were not satisfied with it! So, my brother insisted to buy a new one with sub woofer!

After a series of search from all over the Electronics Mall, I finally decided to buy the best brand! And here what we had now, a Creative SBS-A300 speaker with sub woofer! See how it looks! =)

Here's The Brand and Its Specs!

I Even Kept Its Carton!

From the Octagon PC Store in SM Valenzuela, we bought with my mom last Saturday this speaker for PC. It's a black pair of speakers with a sub woofer! It has a rated sound power of 30 Watts (RMS)! The sound it produce is really a solid loud! As they say, it is digitally surround-sound!

As you can see from the images above, I placed the new speaker on the sides of the monitor while its sub woofer on the uppermost layer of my computer table! As I said before, in this uppermost layer, I temporarily used it as a display area for my picture frame, clock, and other ornaments. But now since my new speaker was here, I put now the sub woofer on it!

Now whenever I was in front of my PC surfing the net, blogging, flirting, or playing Cafe World, I enjoy the powerful sound from my new PC speaker! The beat is so loud and crisp!

Then it's your turn to post your thoughts and comments! What can you say with this new PC speaker?! Do I got the best brand and specifications?! Do you like it? Or would you suggest a better one?! c",)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Picture Story 7: Chinese New Year Tree

Yesterday afternoon, walking around in SM Valenzuela to make a balance inquiry in my account, I saw this thing and it attracts me:

I don't exactly know what this thing is? I don't know how we can call this? But one thing I'm sure, it's a Chinese thing!

Yup, since we will celebrate Chinese New Year this coming Sunday, the purpose of this thing is for the celebration!

How can we call this thing? Is it a Chinese New Year Tree or a Chinese Christmas Tree? Which of the two better fits the name of this red Chinese thing?

And looking in that tree, for me it symbolizes fortune and prosperity for the coming of the new year! If I'm not mistaken, it is all intended for a good luck and for a lucky charm!

So, before we all say Kung Hei Fat Choi, let us give this thing a better name! See yah! c",)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Romantic Ambiance in the 'Rockz Cafe'

Looking for a romantic place for your date with your love ones this coming Valentines? Well, the recent innovation of your favorite cafe, the Rockz Cafe will surely fits your need!

Yeah, my favorite Facebook application, my cafe world's own resto which is known as the Rockz Cafe is keeping its way up to success! I am now on level 22! Just like I've told you before, I will let you know on every development of my cafe!

It's Nice, Clean, Beautiful, and Romantic!

Customers were Happily Eating...!

Still my theme is Valentines and Chinese New Year! As you can see, red surrounded the place! Red is for love and prosperity!

Now, what can you say with my latest design? Actually it is similar to my previous design but with the addition of other furnitures and removal of the other unnecessary things! And of course, look at now the arrangement of the dinning table...they were now like an expensive restaurant! I made changes with the arrangement of my tables and chairs because my friend Edlee suggested me to re-arrange my furnitures since according to him, my previous arrangement was like a mess hall! Now Edlee, are you satisfied with my latest design?! Did it now looks like an expensive restaurant cafe?! Or you wanted to add more?! =)

How about you guys, any other things you wanted to add? Do you like now my current design?! What more you want to suggest?! Did it satisfy your taste?!

So for now, I hope you enjoy vising the current design of my Rockz Cafe! See you next time on your next visit and feel at home with it! You are always welcome here! Always open...the Rockz Cafe! c",)

Two Years in My Company!

My Very First Picture Here in My Company

February 11, 2008
- It was exactly two years from now since I was hired here in my third job! So many things were happened! Many good memories were now printed in my own history. I have been with the different people and friends here. Some of them were still here, some already moved-on to pursue another career!

So, as part of my second year anniversary here in my company in this same date, join me as we go back in time two years ago! Here are some of my picture memories taken during my early days here in the company:

My First Day @ Work...

The Pantry on My Early Days!

I was hired on the first week of February, 2008. Initial interviews, exams, then final interview and medical exam happened on this week. Then my first day started on February 11, 2008! Actually, I started Tuesday instead of Monday since they only had a 4-day per week work. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday were their offs!

I started to work in a very plain working station with a CRT PC just like what you seen in the pictures!

Actually in the pictures were my former team members. Majority of them, I think 6 members were already in the different company! My manager who hired me will also leave her new team as well as our company by the end of this month since she will go abroad!

Look at me in the pictures, I was so thin and really, really looked young! I really looked like a teenage boy that time! =)

The Night of My Birthday Blowout...!!!

My First Teammates...Missing Them!

Though happened in March 19, 2008, one of my most memorable experience here was my first birthday here! Yeah, just like what you have seen, I spent my first birthday here on my first month. I was also in a nightshift that time. I brought lots of foods to all my teammates like Spaghetti, Salad, loaf of bread and Ube Halaya!

My officemates really loved my foods. They even asked for more!

This was our first office located in the 35TH Floor! That was really memorable to me specially the pantry wherein you could see the tops of the other building! It was really a relaxing place every time you eat there!

Of course, I also missed my former first working station. Though plain and simple, many good things and memories were left there!

But most of all, I truly missed my former teammates who then became part of my corporate life! The friendship and camaraderie we had were meaningful! Our communications were now only in the internet!

Hayz...really missing those days! Two years had passed! For two years of my stay here in my company, I really grow and improved not only physically and financially but also in terms of career, skills, camaraderie, and memories! I was then so thankful...!!! c",)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

An Unexpected Picture Taking with JC De Vera!

An unexpected moment just happened this night! And this was the story...

I Got A Picture-Taking with an Actor!

It was really an Impromptu!

Just this night at around 10:15 pm when I'm waiting for our company shuttle in Select Store, Shell Station in Ayala, Makati, a familiar face with a muscular build entered the store. He was wearing a pink t-shirt, simple maong pant with cap! Hmmm...I knew this person (I said in my mind), he looks familiar! Is this JC De vera...or he was just the look-alike of that actor?!

Yeah, he really looked like JC! There were few people in the store, the two male cashiers in the counter and the traffic policeman. They were also looking in that person in pink! Until the traffic policeman greeted him, "hi Idol"! was confirmed!! He was JC De Vera in a very simple attire!

The man smiled with the traffic policeman who greeted him. Then when the traffic policeman stand beside, I asked him, "si JC De Vera ba talaga un...?!" Then he confirmed, "oo sya un...!!!" That time, I was holding my cellphone since I am watching PBB Double UP in my mobile TV. Then the traffic policeman said, "magpa-picture ka na...!"

It was further confirmed that he was really JC De vera when he paid his items in the counter. The cashier saluted him and looked at him with surprised!

When the cashier was computing for his bought items, I immediately went to JC and asked him, "sir JC..." (then he looked at me with a smile) "pwede pong magpa-picture...?!"

Without saying anything (since he wasn't talked or spoke from the time he went to the store) he then posed with me for a picture taking! Using my mobile phone camera, we got a picture! But after I got our first picture, I said: "sir isa pa po...!", again he posed together with me for a picture!

After our picture taking, he immediately got his bought items in the counter and went out of the store! Me, the traffic policeman, and the two male cashiers kept looking at him in the glass window/door until he ride in his own car! Afterwards, they were talking about him! They said, "macho talaga si JC noh...ganda ng katawan!" They even told to the other personnels in the store when they came in about the very short visit of JC De Vera in their store!

Hayz...that was a very unexpected night! I didn't expect that in that simple place where we everyday waited for our shuttle service, an actor-model wearing a very simple clothes (to camouflage his identity) will suddenly buy snacks/goods...and we had our picture taking!!!

But I wasn't satisfied...I wasn't satisfied with my looks in the picture. Since I am working right now in a nightshift schedule, I looked stressed and haggard! I wasn't prepared! I even didn't combed my hair! It was an impromptu! That's why looking us two in the pictures..."talbog ako sa kanya"!

Therefore the moral lesson of my story: "Keep your self always fresh, clean, and looking good for any unexpected moments like this!" Yeah of course, always bring with you your cellphone with camera! Haha! c",)

I Remember The Days VI: "First Night Shift!"

Tomorrow, February 11, I'll be celebrating my 2nd year anniversary here in my company! Hayz...time was really so fast! It was just recently, I graduated in College, then immediately applied for my first job, then resigned from it and hired to the second one...'till hired here in my third company! And now, I am celebrating my 2nd year tenure! Thanks God!

As part of my 2nd year celebration, I will share with you another moments during my early days here in my company!

How did I looked in these pictures?

Meeting in the Midst of the Night!

Presenting the Awardees...!

Yup, that was my very first night shift experience here in our company! Yeah, in this company, I experienced to work in US time or in a night shift. Since our big bosses were in US and we need to coordinate with them, we were assigned to work following their time!

Those pictures above were taken during our team meeting! See how cool we were during the meeting! Lots of fun, laughter, and joys were all in the faces of night shifters!

Actually these were also the night meeting wherein our manager gave recognition, appreciations, and souvenir items to the member who did well in the job! And glad to say that I'm one of those! =)

So, join me as I reminisced the early days here in my company as part of my salute to my 2nd year anniversary! Expect for more in my next posts! c",)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Valentines and A Chinese New Year Inspired 'Rockz Cafe!'

Red is the color of February! It stands for the two main celebration for this month. And what a coincidence, they were both celebrated on the same date this year - February 14!

Yup, Valentines Day and Chinese New Year will be both celebrated this coming February 14. And since two event in one day, everybody prepares for it!

In accordance to this celebration, I also designed my cafe in my favorite Cafe World game in Facebook using this theme! Just like what you see, your favorite Rockz Cafe is now dressed in red!

The Most Romantic Cafe To Be This Valentines...

So Clean...So Good...So Red...!!!

Red is the symbol for love. Red then is a symbol for goodluck in Chinese beliefs. So, combining love and goodluck for a fortune and prosperity, I used the Valentine and the Chinese New Year for my cafe.

Starting from the flooring, it is designed with pale-red tiles. To blend it with the walls, I used a dark red paint. Of course you would see a blue portion of the walls depicting buildings and towers. Yeah, I put this blue portion since according to the Chinese Horoscope, blue is the luckiest color for this year!

Now look at the chairs and tables, there were perfect match! I chose the red chairs to combine with the red-white square dinning tables. See, they were perfectly blended! Of course to spread love and prosperity, I surrounded my place with light-red ornamental flowers!

More and More Customers were Attracted!

Come Here in My Place and Be My Neighbor...

What can you say with my design and cafe theme? Do you love it?!

Proud to say that I am now on Level 20 of the game! And my earnings keep on increasing! This enables me to buy other things and designs for my cafe! Actually those designs and materials here in my cafe were so expensive that's why my income lessen why I buy those things! But it doesn't matter since I was fulfilled and satisfied with the looks and styles of my cafe!

Just like what I have said before, I will keep you updated with my cafe world addiction. Time to time whenever new designs and developments were made in my Rockz Cafe, I will let you know it!

Are you satisfied with my latest design? Of course new dishes and desserts were serve there for your Valentines date and Chinese Eve dinner! What more do you want to add?

So celebrate your date with your love ones this coming February 14 here and only here in my Rockz Cafe! It's the romantic place for you and your partner! Enjoy! c",)

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