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Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Rock's Choco-Gelatin Dessert

Last Sunday, I've tried another recipe! Just like I did before, I made my own but this time it was a dessert!

I know all of you were really familiar with gelatin! Yup, this is the soft-bar gelatin which is boiled in hot water to melt then afterward will be cooled until it solidifies and eventually form as a gelatin. This is usually serve during holidays. And take note, this is my favorite!

So, to make a difference, I experimented a new flavor of it!

Setting Aside the Boiled Mixture to Cool

Serving the Mixture...

Usually this gelatin comes in buko pandan, white, or in a variety of colored flavors. But this time, I tried experimenting a new flavor...a chocolate one!

How this differs from the usual one? How did I make it?!

First, the great difference with this was that it was my own made! A rocky inspired recipe! Yeah, I just made an experiment to cook and serve a gelatin in a chocolate flavor! But take note, the gelatin that I have used was the ordinary white one. I just added other ingredients to make it a chocolate flavor!

What are the ingredients? Of course the ordinary white bar gelatin to be boiled in hot water, an evaporated milk (my first plan was to use a fresh UHT milk, but since my brother drank the fresh milk, I have left nothing but to use the evaporated one!), white sugar, and the powder chocolate (similar to the Hershey's Brand Choco/Cocoa usually served in the different food chains). Now that my ingredients were complete, I started creating the recipe!

This is the Chocolate Powder I have Used!

So dark, yummy, and chocolaty!

Here how I made it:

First, boiled the bar gelatin in hot water. When it was totally dissolved, mix the powder chocolate with it and wait 'till the powder choco dissolved in it. Make sure it was totally blended with the hot boiling gelatin. You will see like a hot boiling chocolate drink! Afterward, pour the evaporate milk with the mixture. The former dark boiling chocolate will now turning into a lighter chocolate! Then add table spoons of sugar! Wait for a couple of minutes then when the mixture was totally boiling, turn-off now your stove to start the cooling process!

Now, remove your mixture from the stove and set it aside to cool. Then pour now the mixture into different gelatin plates. When the mixture was distributed into their appropriate plates, allow them to be totally cooled! When they were cooled, store them now in your refrigerator! That's it! There were now ready to serve and eat!

So easy right! But how does it taste?!

The look and appearance was like a hot chocolate drinks serve in the different food chains solidified into a gelatin. But in my recipe, the taste of milk and chocolate will be tasted since lots of milk were poured to a mixture of dark chocolate! Imagine the taste of Hershey's Kisses chocolate, it taste like that!!! Terrific! I made another recipe of my own!

My mother and brother truly enjoyed my new recipe! They loved it and asked for more! Since my recipe became successful, I promised to them to made another one! But next time, I will now use my original plan of mixing it with the Fresh UHT milk instead of the evaporated!

How about you want to taste my dessert?! Well, next time when you visit here in our home, I will serve it to you! c",)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Facebook Addiction!

Everybody go crazy about Facebook. In fact last 2009, Facebook is the No. 1 most visited, most searched, and most popular website all over the world! In other words, it is the No. 1 Social Networking Site last year 'till this early 2010. It grabbed the thrown from the previous hit Friendster, its counter-like social networking site! According to the different news and articles, with its millions and millions of subscribers, Facebook can now be a nation!

At first, I don't have any interest with Facebook. I was more active before in Friendster. Friendster before is my main social networking site though I also have a Multiply and Hi-5 accounts! All my friends have already their Facebook accounts, me don't have any!

Until last December, when I got my PC in our home, I started to create my own Facebook account! At first too boring for me since you cannot personalize your own profile like Friendster provide, but eventually I became interested to this new social-networking site!

A Growing Farm...

I wonder why almost all of my friends got addicted to Facebook! Even in our office, my officemates were talking about Farmville. They were having fun with their farms, villas, plantations, and harvests! They all aiming to got the highest points therefore many of my officemates were bringing their portable USB internet broadband in our office so that their plants wouldn't get withered! first I just laughed at their crazy deeds! They got addicted with Facebook! Their word of mouths were all Facebook and Facebook! What's in this Facebook that everybody got hooked?!Hmmm...

Then after I created my account on December, my first goal with Facebook was just to earn more friends and to update my other friends with my latest activities, pictures, and status! But it turned out to be a different thing! I got addicted with the following:

Feels Like Haciendero Raising A Farm

I Love Raising Different Bleeds of Fishes!

Welcome to my Cafe Resto!

Hahaha! Yeah, I already became one of of the Facebook Addicts! Besides earning more friends and relationships with Facebook, I got addicted with these Facebook games. Farmville, Fishville, and Cafe World were now part of my internet hobbies!

On my first sign-up with Facebook, I was so busy adding friends. Glad that on my second day of my Facebook account, I already got hundreds of friends. It was eventually increased as my account now stepped on its 1 and 1/2 months. But I was not anymore busy with adding friends, instead I was busy adding neighbors! Haha!

I was first got addicted with Fishville. I lot designing and raising different breeds of fishes. When they grow up, I can now sell my fishes giving me lots of money. These earnings enable me to buy other more fishes, aquarium plants, decorations, and even buy other more tanks. And as you harvest and buy more aquarium things, your XP points increases and your level also get higher!

Afterwards, I also got hooked with Farmville. With Farmville, you will really feel that you are like a haciendero owning a farm! You can plant different plants and harvest them afterward. These plants and seeds have their own time span of growing. If you fail to harvest them on their specified time, they were get withered! But if you harvest them on their appropriate time, you will earn money. Just like Fishville, these moneys enable you to buy other seeds, animals, buildings, and decorations. You can even expand your lots! Great!

And lastly, my third game with Facebook is the Cafe World! I just recently opened it. In this game, you were like owning a resto or cafe business! The mechanics were similar to Fishville and Farmville! I will discuss it t you more on my next post!

My farm was now growing and expanding! I now owned lots of things and animals! I love taking pictures of it! Oops... don't worry 'coz I have my separated post exclusively about my Farmville. And also I have an exclusive separated posts for my Fishville and Cafe World! So be ready for that! Haha!

These were just some of my Facebook activities! Yeah, I admitted...I am now a certified "Facebook Addict"! Haha! How about you, are you one of us?!!! c",)

P.S. You can even add me as your friend in Facebook. Just search for my name then I will accept you! See you there! =)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Engineering Hymn

Are you also a graduate of Engineering? How hard the course for you?!

Well, if you'll ask me, I'm an Electronics and Communications Engineering graduate! For 6 years of studying in College (since I graduated from two course), I surpassed all the challenges, hardships, and struggles in taking this course! Thanks God, I survived Engineering! I am now very happy in my career in the Corporate World!

I would like to share with you a song sent by my friend in my email. You know the hymn of Manny Villar's campaign?! Yeah, sing it with this tune!

Here you go:

Engineering Hymn
(to the tune of Manny Villar's latest political campaign jingle)

Nakakuha ka na ba ng grado na basura?
Nagsunog ka na ba ng kilay hanggang umaga?
'Yan ang tan0ng namin 70 nga ba ang pasing?
Naisip mo na ba ba't nag-aaral ka pa?
Todo efort tayo ba't walang pagbabago?
Mas mabuti pa kung natulog tayo!

Engineering ang tunay na mahirap!
Engineering ang tunay na puro pasakit!
Engineering ang may kakayahan na malimutan ang sariling pangalan.
Engineer lang ang magtatapos ng atin KASIYAHAN!


Love it?! Hope you enjoy! To all my friends who were still studying, goodluck in your studies! Study hard and don't lose hope! In the end, you will find yourselves successful!! c",)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

'Melason' Fever 2

To satisfy your cravings, here is my second part of the hottest love team nowadays! Melason craze once more here in the Rock Land!

Due to insisted public demand, more and more projects and offers really await for Melai and Jayson! TV, movies, and internet were dominated by these crazy cool love team!

So, you have lots to choose! These are the other more upcoming movies and TV projects of your favorite tandem Melason! Enjoy and have fun as the fever goes on!

"A Love Story"

"My Girl"

"Lady BunGAnGA""Only You"

"50 First Dates"

"Miss No Good"

"Harry Potter"


"One More Chance"

Well, do you had fun?! I know you really do...lots and lots! Haha! Which of these do you love the most!

Truly, Melason tandem is such a promising love team to beat! After PBB, lots of opportunities are waiting for them! Drama, comedy, action, fantasy...all were suited for them! Hmmm...I don't think if sexy roles will fit them, what do you think?!

Do you want to add more?! Did I still forgot something?! Or you have other more Melason movies or teleseryes not mentioned here?!

Hayz...really wonderful! They were superb! Even the music scene was also dominated by this tandem (see the Rock poster of these two on the very top as well as the new Lady BunGanGa)! What other more field will they invade?!

So let's laugh again next time in you next visit here in the one and only Rock Land! See yah! c",)

'Melason' Fever 1

Pinoy Big Brother Double Up is such a big hit nowadays! And inside this big house of kuya rise a unique love team in the name of Melason!

Yup, everybody is going crazy over this cool crazy love team of Melai or Melissa Cantiveros and Jayson Francisco! Their love story inside the house was avidly viewed by the whole people worldwide giving them lots of fanatics! Hence, "Melason" was born! Just like the Kimerald, Melason is the hottest love team today!

You are wondering now what would their life and projects after PBB? Well, here are the movies and teleserye that Melason will do right after PBB! Which of these will you choose?

"Twilight Saga"


"Love Me Again"

"My Only You"

"Bagong Buwang"

"Mr. and Mrs Francisco"

"A Cinderella Story"

"P.S. I Love You"

Hahaha! Which of these did you like the most! I know right now, you are really crying...crying a lot of tears...crying because of too much laughter!!! Hahaha!

Want more...??? Yeah, don't worry 'cause there's more! This is only the first part of Melason's visit here in the Rock Land! Catch them once more on my next post! c",)

Monday, January 18, 2010


Still we are welcoming the year of the tiger! Though the Chinese New Year is about to come, expect that more and more tiger image and tiger things are about to sell. And of course, tiger then will be the talk of the town!

Just like cats and puppies, did you know that I also like tiger? Yeah, tiger somewhat reflects my personality! It was somewhat became my trademark!

White Tigers As Cute As Bears!

Wild Orange Tigers!

Above were the different image of tigers! Actually it was just a year ago when I knew that there were also a white bleed of tigers! And they were cuter than the orange-stripped tigers that we always know!

Since I love wild animals stuff, I am easily attracted to the cute soft tiger stuff toys! I love collecting them! I love the cute little baby tigers. They were like cats! So tame and kind when baby, but we should beware of them when they become adults as they will become as wild as they could!

One of my personality is like a tiger. Tame, kind, but WILD! I am a very kind friend, but I am the wildest enemy! Just like tigers that were brave and courageous, I am also brave and courage in facing different challenges in life! I am a fighter that fights my enemies! I just then remember my former role as a 'sugo' and as a 'superhero' in the hit fantaserye! Haha!!

Like what I have said before, in college, tiger became my trademark! I always put a tiger image in my experiment paper. Our professor really loved my design in my paper leading me to have the highest grade!!!

Now it's your time to talk! Do you also love tigers? What is tiger for you? Did you born in the year of the tiger? What tiger do you like most, the orange-stripped or the white ones?! c",)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Batang 90's Ka Ba?!

Are you a 90's baby?! If you're, well definitely you will like this the way I do:

  • Masaya ka kapag naglalaro ka ng Tex at Pog. Kadalasan ang design dito ay yung mga palabas sa TV, mga drama o kaya anime, may dialogue pa. lol.
  • May comics pa ang bazooka. Kahit di mo maintindihan yung Fortune Cookie sa huli ay collection mo pa rin yun.
  • Uso pa yung tirador, yung gawa talaga sa sanga ng puno. (pero ang alam ko na tirador nung bata ako eh ung dalawang stick ng bananaQ gagawin mong ekis tapos goma tapos Stork Candy wrapper para sa lagayan ng bato. ^^)
  • Ang mga babae naglalaro ng paper dolls na tigpipiso bawat isang set sa sari-sari store.
  • Kung lalake ka, siguradong may pellet gun ka.
  • Humihingi ka ng dalawang piso sa magulang mo para maglaro ng video arcade sa sari-sari store. Favorite mo yung Sonic, Mario at Street Fighter at Tetris.
  • Nagwa-watusi ka kapag New Year kahit pinapagalitan ka ng nanay mo.
  • Meron kang sapatos na umiilaw yung swelas kapag iniaapak mo. Mas sikat kung iba-iba yung kulay. Tinawag rin itong "Mighty Kid"
  • Merong at least isang Chicago Bulls na shirt sa bahay nyo. Madalas number 23 pa yung nakalagay.
  • Pinapatulog ka ng yaya/nanay mo tuwing tanghali o hapon para raw lumaki. Hindi na kasi pinapatulog ang mga bata ngayon tuwing tanghali di tulad nung panahon natin.
  • Sinasabihan ka ng matatanda na may lalabas na pari o bigas sa sugat mo kapag hindi nilagyan ng alcohol pero in the end, betadine lang ang magpapatahimik sa inyo.

Voltes V versus Bioman
  • Kung babae ka, nagkaroon ka ng butterfly hairclips/rings. (si Jolina ang nagpauso nito.) haha.
  • Kung medyo may pera ang pamilya nyo, nagpabili ka ng Polly Pocket.
  • Naglalagay ka ng Kisses (yung mabango) sa pencil case mo, o kaya sa isang lalagyan na may bulak, alcohol at tinutusok ng karayom para mabilis manganak.
  • May free stickers ng Disney movies sa loob ng Maggi noodles.
  • Pinapatunog mo yung takip ng Gatorade.
  • Ang mga stationeries na uso: Papemelroti, Tsukuba, Sashikibuta. Pwedeng ibenta, pwedeng trade lang.

Bazooka Comics
  • Pampalipas oras mo dati ang paglalaro ng Brick Game, at swerte yung mga may advanced version na may tumatagos na blocks para mapuno na yung gap sa loob. Mas advanced ka kung Tamagotchi ang nilalaro mo. Pinapakain mo, pinapatulog mo, at inililibing mo kung namatay na. At kung talagang kaya nyong bumili, Game Boy ang sayo. Pero kung wala ka talaga, yung laruan na lang na may tubig sa loob tapos dapat ma-shoot mo yung mga bilog sa stick na maliit.
  • Bago magsimula ang klase, nakikilaro ka muna sa 10-20, jackstone, langit lupa, ice water, taguan, dr. quack quack, tumbang preso, pepsi seven up at agawan base, brikidam 123. Di bale nang madumi na ang uniform mo pagpasok ng classroom.
  • Sinasabi mo sa kaklase mo na "Liars go to hell" kapag tingin mo nagsisinungaling sya. "Cross my heart, hope to die" kapag nangangako ka. "Period no erase" kapag gusto mo walang kumontra sayo. Kaya lang wala kang lusot kapag sinabi ng kaklase mo na "Akin yung factory ng pambura".

I Love Collecting Funny Comics!
  • Sikat ka pag ang pencil case mo nabubuksan sa dalawang side tapos maraming attachments like magnifying lens, book stand, compartments na maliliit tapos push button pa. Minsan sa ibabaw ng pencil case meron pang maze, may maliit na silver na bola tapos itatagilid mo yung pencil case para gumulong yun, hanggang sa matapos yung maze.
  • Di ka baduy kung ang notebook mo nung elementary ay may mukha ng artista.
  • Sa coolman mo inilalagay ang tubig na baon mo sa school.
  • Nagpabili ka ng Baby-G sa magulang mo.
  • Elementary ka nung nauso ang pager. Yun pa ang pinapangarap ng mga bata, hindi pa cell phone.
  • Meron ka pa rin ng pinakamalaking cell phone na nakatago na ngayon sa mga kahon.

Do You Play 10-20?!
  • Wala pang PS/PS2, XBox, Wii, atbp. noon. Family Computer pa lang, yung cartridge yung bala. Usong laro ang Mario Bros., Battle City at Rambo.
  • Meron ka ng isa sa mga ito: Family Computer, Nintendo, Sega, roller blades, brick game, Tamagochi, Swatch Watch w/ matching guard, Troll collection.
  • Alam mo ang mga linyang ito sa mga kanta: "Natatawa ako, hi hi hi hi", "Anong paki mo sa long hair ko", "Dahil sa bawal na gamot", "Mga kababayan ko, bilib ako sa kulay ko".
  • Isa dito ay theme song mo: "I Swear" by All 4 One, "What's Up" by 4 Non Blondes (And I say, Hey ey ey ey ey ey. I said hey, What's goin on!), "Zombie" by Cranberries.
  • Sumasayaw ka ng Macarena.
  • Alam mo ang kanta ng Spice Girls at may favorite ka sa kanila. Kung fan ka talaga, may poster ka pa at casette tape ka pa nila.
  • Malamang ay naging fanatic ka ng isa sa mga sumikat na boy bands.
  • Ang tinutugtog lagi sa radyo ay mga kanta ng mga banda gaya ng Eraserheads, Parokya ni Edgar nung nagpapalda pa lang sila, Alamid, Rivermaya, True Faith, The Youth, Afterimage at kung anu-ano pang pinoy bands.
  • Tape pa ang uso, di CD or MP3 players. Pag gusto mo yung kanta kailangan tantyahin mo kung ilang seconds i-rewind yun para mabilis paulit-ulitin.

The Dog of Flanders...I Avidly Watched This!
  • Kinakanta nyo dati sa school yung "Heal the World", "Tell the World of His Love", "Jubilee Song", etc.
  • Nanonood ka dati ng Power Rangers, Captain Planet o Ninja Turtles. Nagkukunyari pa kayo ng mga kaibigan mo na kayo yun at nagkakasipaan kayo.
  • Di ka papagalitan ng magulang kahit magbabad ka sa TV, basta ang pinapanood mo ay Hiraya Manawari, Bayani at Sine Skwela, kung saan nakilala mo sila Teacher Waki, Ugat Puno, Palikpik, at ang buong barkada nila lalo na kapag nakasakay sila sa space ship o sa jeep na lumilipad.
  • • Sinubaybayan mo ang Ghost Fighter at ang Dragon Ball. Naging favorite mo si Eugene at si Goku.
  • Niloloko mo yung theme song ng Voltes V kasi di mo maintindihan yung theme song: "Tato ni Ara Mina malaking cobra...", "Boltes Payb lima sila, pumunta sa kubeta...", "...Kontra Bulate!"

I Cried When I Failed To Watch 'Shaider'!
  • Napanood mo din yung ibang anime tulad ng Shaider, Sailormoon, Daimos at Maskman. Saulo mo pa nga yung kanta dun: "Oh maskuman kayo ang pag-asa.. Iligtas kami sa marahas na kadiliman... Kami inyong ipaglaban! Sugod, sugod laban maskuman, ipaglaban nyo ang katarungan.. Sige, sige laban maskuman.."
  • Sinubaybayan mo ang Sarah ang Munting Prinsesa, Julio at Julia, at Cedi. Pinanood mo pa nga yung movie version ng Sarah ang Munting Prinsesa with Camille Prats.
  • Alam mo din yung "Ang Pulubi at ang Prinsesa" with Camille Prats and Angelica Panganiban.
  • Gusto mong sumali sa ANG TV. Pero alam mong hindi na pwede. kaya kuntento ka na lang sa panonood nito tuwing 4:30 ng hapon.
  • Batibot ang usong palabas. Akala mo nga mag-dyowa o mag-asawa sina Kuya Bodjie at Ate Sheena.
  • Alam mo yung tono ng pinausong kanta ng show na "ATBP.": Isa.. dalawa-tatlo.. apat-lima.. anim-pito-walo.. syam-sampu... labingisa-labingdalawa... labingtatlo... labingapat-labinglima...
  • Napanood mo ang Batang X. At ginawa ninyo ung hand formation nila. Yung labas ung hinlalaki at hinliliit at pag dudugtong dugtongin ninyo magkakaibigan.
  • Sabay kayo nanonood ng yaya mo ng Marimar.

Before, I Wish I Could Have Game & Watch!
  • Nanonood ka ng kahit alin dito: "Okay Ka Fairy Ko", "Oki Doki Doc", "Abangan ang Susunod na Kabanata", "Palibhasa Lalake", "Ober da Bakod", at "Home Along Da Riles"
  • Galit ka kay Clara kasi sobra naman talaga sya mang-api kay Mara.
  • Pinanood mo din yung "Villa Quintana", "Esperanza", "Anakarenina" atbp.
  • Mga love teams na nagpakilig sayo: Juday and Wowie. Jolina and Marvin.
  • Alam mo yung commercial ng Tender Juicy hotdog na ganito: "Dear diary, Carlo sat beside me today. He's so cute! Sabi niya I'm pretty kaya lang I'm fat."
  • Kinakanta mo yung "Thank God it's Sabado, pati na rin Linggo..." at "Isa pa, isa pa, isa pang Chicken Joy".
  • Nasa channel 2 pa ang Eat Bulaga at ang Mel and Jay.
  • Nakikita mo sa balita na may mga kultong nagtatago na sa kweba, kasi magugunaw na ang mundo sa year 2000, at yung mga computer daw bigla na lang mag-shu-shut down at mawawala na daw ang technology.
  • Chinese variety shows ang palabas tuwing umaga ng linggo.
  • Matapang ka kung napanood mo lahat ng Shake, Rattle and Roll movies.
  • Narinig mong i-announce sa radyo yung death ni Princess Diana. Biglang nauso yung kanta ni Elton John na "Goodbye, England's Rose."

Cha or Chub?!
  • Nasa VHS yung mga movies na pinapanood ninyo sa bahay.
  • Kung babae ka, naging crush mo si Leonardo di Caprio dahil sa Titanic. Kaya nga lang, bawal ka pa tumingin sa kissing scenes nina Jack at Rose. Haha.
  • Kinokolekta mo ang Funny Komiks tuwing darating ang Biyernes dahil kila Combatron, Tumas en Kulas, Tinay Pinay, Niknok = Eklok, planet op di eyps etc.
  • Tuwang tuwa ka nuon pag may pumupunta na mga free drinks at food nuon sa skul. Tulad ng Sustagen, Nido, Milo, at kung hindi ako nagkakamali eh pumunta din ung Royal Spaghetti. (alam ko nagpauwi sila ng isang supot ng pasta nuon eh)
  • Inaabangan mo sa umaga o sa hapon sina Peter Pan, G-Force (Five teenage Champion), Mary at ang lihim na hardin, BTX, Zenki, Akazukin Chacha, Mighty Mouse, Dog of Flanders a.k.a. Nelo at Patrash.Tuwing weekends naman sila Masked Rider Black, Jetman, Fiveman, Time Quest, Battle Ball, Takeshi's Castle, Ping Ping ba un? Boyoyong Clowns, Flying House at 911??? *lol*
  • Alam mo din ang Valiente at Ana Luna.
  • Lagi mo din kinakanta yung "Nano Nano Candy". at mahilig ka bumili ng mga chichiria tulad ng Bahay Kubo dahil may nakukuha kang mga laruan tulad ng singsing na plastic, pambura, sundalong plastic kaso huli na dahil nalunok mo na ito.
  • Last Digit, Digit, Text Money Tatsing, cara y cruz, etc. mga sugal nung bata ka pa.
  • Madalas meron neto sa labas ng elementary school: Ice Scramble na kulay violet pag walang chocolate na hershey, nagtitinda ng Uang, Palabunutan ng Itik, sisiw at ang pinapangarap mo nuon na gameboy. Kwintas na ang palawit eh ung maliit na tube na may lamang tubig na may kulay o di kaya pangalang gawa sa wire or bago pa sayo nuon ang cross na umiilaw pag madilim, mga malalaking garapon ng lady's choice na may lamang mangga at singkamas na tinda ni lola na marumi ang kuko habang nilalagyan nia ng bagoong ang inorder mong mangga. Ice candy, santol.

Have You Got Crazy Over Sergio and Marimar?!
  • Sanay ka magbilang ng i-sa, dala-wa, tat-lo, a-pat, li-ma dahil sa teks.
  • Hustler ka rin sa larong teks(chub o cha?!), dampa (ginagamitan ng rio *tawag sa goma na pang tali sa buhok*, Gagambang Sabong, Super Trumps, Trumpo, Jolens, pati ung mga makukulay na parang beads na nilalagay sa ID lace na ginagawang jolens, tatsing ball.
  • May malaking away ang mga METAL (mga punks na naka itim) at mga HIPHOP (mga taong naka maluwang na puruntong na kahit Makita na ang dalawang bundok.) Nag-aabangan sa mall na may dalang baseball bat at kung anu-ano pang mga sandata. Sikat ang kasabihang "PUNKS NOT DEAD!" pero kung gusto mong magplay safe, pwede mong tawagin ang sarili mong HIPTAL
  • Alam mo ang universal uwian song na "Uwian na!" na kinakanta sa tono na parang doon sa kinakasal.
  • Alam mo ang ibig sabihin ng "TIME FIRST!"
  • Nagkaroon ka ng baseball cap na may silver kumikintab na stainless steel.
  • Nagkaroon ka din ng laruang gawa sa ballpen at lalagyan mo ng bala na balat ng orange sa magkabilang dulo at tutusukin mo ung isang dulo para tumalsik ung kabilang dulo sa mata ng klasmeyt mo.
  • Mahilig ka mambato ng halamang may tinik na bilog sa likod ng klasmeyt mo habang naglilinis kau sa garden na laging tinutubuan ng damo.
  • Sikat na chichiria nung bata ka ang pritos ring, rinbees, boogie man, cedie cornik, wonder boy (bata na idol ko dahil iba iba ang sasakyan bawat plastic), humpty dumpty (naalala ko may nagbaon neto nun sa bus nuong fieldtrip namin, Holy Cow sa baho!), LALA chocolate, Sunshine, Expo, Cry Baby, Starkist, Cheesedog, Sakanami, chickadees, tarzan, mr.cinco, chocoroll, caramel, cherryball, chocnut.
  • Gumawa ka din ng isang pinitpit at pinatalim na tansan ang ikinakabit sa tali na isinusuot naman sa mga hinlalaki ng magkabilang kamay. Paiikutin mo ang matalim na tansan na parang chain saw, tapos itatapat sa kalaban mong may hawak ding ganito. Panalo ka pag napatid mo yung tali nung kalaban. Talo ka pag tumalsik sa mukha mo yung blade at sumirit ang maraming dugo.
  • Madalas ka makakita ng mga nakapark na Bangaw sa skul at pag sinuwerte ang isang bangaw gagawaran cia ng mahabang sinulid sa buntot at presto may kaibigan ka ng bangaw. (pwede din ito sa tutubi at sa mga salagubang)

Bakit ba ang sarap balik-balikan neto? Enjoy!!!

Have you reminisce the good old days?! Yeah, it's really fun to go down the memory lanes! Hope you enjoy! c",)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

2010 Blog Content Expectations

Every start of the new year, you would see different teasers from the different TV stations of the new TV series that they will offer to their avid viewers. They gave us a short trailer teasers of what to expect in the early quarter of the year.

Well, if I were to ask you, what will you expect here in The Rock Land for this year?

Just like the two giant TV stations always do to give us a quick run down of what new TV series to expect, I will then give you a quick teaser of what topics and contents to expect for the first quarter of this year! Ready?! C'mon!

For the first quarter of 2010, here are the main topics that you should watch out only here in your favorite blog site, "The Rock Land". These are the flavor of the months:

JANUARY - "Welcoming The Year Of The Tiger"

FEBRUARY - "All About My Love Stories"

MARCH - "Rocky Up Close and Personal"

APRIL - "History of the Rock's Blogs"

MAY - "Summer Outings, Fun, and Travels"

These were just a teaser summary of the contents that you would expect. Yeah, every month, every new topics to enjoy! New flavors to give you every months for the first quarter of 2010.

In more details, in the month of January, it's all about welcoming the new year. In this month you will read more posts on my plans, expectations, and the things that I will do for the coming of the year of the tiger.

In February, in accordance to the month of the hearts, expect that you will read my different love stories! Yeah, I will tell you the different love stories I had before! You will know the different teleseryes I had with and the upcoming new ones.

Of course in March, in the celebration of my birthday, you will know and learn more about me! It's all about Rocky in March! Know my different personalities. Discover Rocky up, close, and personal!

It's gonna be the two year anniversary of your favorite Rocky's Blogs in April. So know how they all begun! Expect for more surprises!

And in May during the midst of Summer, join me as we travel in the different beaches and in the different places we went in our different Summer outings! It's gonna be a fun run down of Summer adventures! You will see my sexy body exposed! Haha!

Exciting and really surprising?! Yeah, I know you are really much excited to see these upcoming new post lineups this 2010. Which of these excites you more?

So stay tune only here in your favorite blog site, "The Rock Land"! See Yah!!! c",)

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