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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pizza Night!

Last Sunday, we had a short pizza party in our house. It was actually very late at night say 11:00pm in the evening right after our dinner.

How did it came to be a pizza party? And why did it took very late at night? Well, join me as I share with you this short experience!

Oops...Could You Get Some?!

Slices of Pizza Supreme With Iced-Cold Coke...!...Ooh!

My original plan with my mother last Sunday was to go shopping on the nearby SM Hypermarket. But before doing so, I decided to pay my credit card on the SM's Payment Center.

The line was too long. There were many people paying. It took me almost an hour to be next on the counter. Bad trip! When it was already in my turn, the cashier's POS eventually turned down! It suddenly stopped due to unexplainable error! Another one hour consumed my time! The worst thing was that, the problem cannot be resolved even an IT personnel was already there! The cashier begged apology for all of us. All the people including me were very, very angry!

This situation forbids us from shopping. Yeah, it was almost 9:00pm in the evening and the mall was nearing its closing time so no more time to shop!

My mom and I decided to went in the food court. We had in mind to bought foods for the dinner. We bought ready to eat foods. Afterwards, oops...we both looked at our side. It was Fat Boys Pizza house! Both of us decided to buy a big carton of pizza! What more that during that night, the store was giving a free 1.5 liter of coke for every big pizza that we will buy. Great! We then decided to come-out a small pizza party in our house!

And so after dinner, we rest for a while before eating the next stuff! Actually we got bored on that night because we waited for a long time to watch the 23RD Star Awards for TV. The show started very, very late at night. 11:45pm to be exact!

While waiting, we were having fun eating slices of huge pizzas with an iced cold glass of coke! Of course, Pan De Manila breads were also on our side!

Oh, very sorry for my pictures above! I forgot to took image of the whole pizza. I was busy eating that night before I remember to take photos! Left in the carton and in our table were left-over pizzas! How could I share them with you...?!Hahaha...! Well, hope you enjoy my little story which happened on a pizza night in our home...! See Yah!!! c",)

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