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Monday, December 28, 2009

Bro and Santino!

Are you still wondering the real image of Bro in the top-rated multi-awarded TV series "May Bukas Pa"?! Well, wonder no more 'coz I have here with you the picture of Santino together with Bro! Check this out!

What can you say about him? Almost all of us really await to see who plays the role of Bro or Jesus Christ in this TV series! But now, here he is! It's your privilege to see him here in your favorite blog site!

Now feel free to give your thoughts! Are you convince playing him as Bro? What more can you say about him now that you already saw him! Hmmm...did you know who this actor is?!

Hope that we can finally see Bro on TV! c",)

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With his muscular built, action films suits this actor more than his Bro character.

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