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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Some 2009 Gifts!

Recently, I have shared with you my 2008 gifts received from my officemates via Picture Story. This time, I will share with you some of my 2009 gifts received from my same officemates!

So, as we are counting the blessings we had received in 2009, let us then count these small but meaningful gifts from some of the persons around me!

Take a quick glance with some of the presents!

Is there Something Missing...?!

A Box of Chocolates...So sweet, So Yummy!!!

What's Inside The Box?!

So Soft, So Smooth, Really Stress Absorber!

A Personal Key Chain for the Rock!

Are you contented with these little things? Or you really appreciated them?!

Well, if you were to ask me, I was really thankful receiving these things! Just like what I have said previously, it's not the gifts that matter, it's the thought that counts! It doesn't matter how small or big the gifts you had, what so important is the values of each!

And looking with these gifts, what can you say about them?! Yeah, they were really cool! Let me say something about each one!

My favorite gift from them all is the small blue miniature car. As you can see during your invasion, I place it on the upper part of my computer table! Yeah, since I like it so much, I used it as a display! So nice to my view!

I know you are wondering why there is a brush with a mirror on the back in these gifts. It was given by my officemate friend to me. She gave me a gift such this to make my hair more healthy. According to her, this blush is a medicinal thing. With its light pointed teeth, when you comb it on your hair, your scalp will be massaged allowing your nerves to circulate blood that lets your hair grow! She also gave me a circular coin bank for my brother. Remember my search for a coin bank for my brother!

The rest of the gifts were stress balls, smiley eraser, key chain, memo holder, and a box of chocolates! Oops...not part of the pictures are the gelatin fruit cake and the Christmas candy. Yeah we already ate them so they were not included in the pictures! They were already in my stomach! Haha!

All these gifts were already in our home. I displayed them in my room. I won't place it anymore in my workstation since my working area is now overloaded with so many gifts and things as you can see before!

So see you next year as we open other more gifts from the different persons we love...!!! c",)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Our 2009 Christmas Team Pictorial

Happy Holidays to all of you! I hope you all enjoy celebrating Christmas and looking forward for a merrier New Year to come this week!

Well, as I tradition of our team, every year, we have a team pictorial. The best picture of the whole team will be used as a greeting card to be send in our business partners on and off-shores. This is also send in the whole company as a greetings to our co-workers from the other teams!

For this year, we already have our team pictorial just recently taken Monday, December 14, 2009. We all dressed-up in a formal attire!

So, as your privilege, I will show you some of our taken pictorials. Here they are, take a quick glance of each photos!

For The Boys...!!!

There's Something Out-There!

My Whole Team!

Oops...1, 2, Say Sex!

As you can see, we had different variations of pictures! One form is all the members in the team! Then, we also took photos wherein boys were separated from the girls! I have here with you the separate photos of the boys, I did not include the separate pictorials of the girls.

Our photoshoots also varies from formal, to a little wacky, and to an emo type (just like what you have seen in the different teleseryes). Oh, sad to say that our wackiest photo got corrupted! But then, we still lucky to have our good shots intact!

Again take a look with some of our pictures!

Another Shot For The Boys!

Posing Like Actors or Commercial Models! Great!

Another Formal Shot for The Team!

Do you Like My Looks With An Eyeglass?!

Now, what can you say with these pictures?! Are we all look good and nice with every shots?!

If you noticed, I came in two looks! One with an eyeglass and one without! Which of the two is better to me, with eyeglass or without?! It's up to you how I look like!

They say when I wear my eyeglass, I looked too genius! According to them, I really looked like Clark, the alter-ego of Superman! How nice! Hehe!

But if I were to ask you, how do we look in these pictorials? Do you like our photos? Or you want to sugest some...?! You're free to give your thoughts and idea!

Well, hope you enjoy seeing our Christmas team pictorials! See you next Christmas or next holidays for a new pictorials! c",)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Bro and Santino!

Are you still wondering the real image of Bro in the top-rated multi-awarded TV series "May Bukas Pa"?! Well, wonder no more 'coz I have here with you the picture of Santino together with Bro! Check this out!

What can you say about him? Almost all of us really await to see who plays the role of Bro or Jesus Christ in this TV series! But now, here he is! It's your privilege to see him here in your favorite blog site!

Now feel free to give your thoughts! Are you convince playing him as Bro? What more can you say about him now that you already saw him! Hmmm...did you know who this actor is?!

Hope that we can finally see Bro on TV! c",)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Yuletide Symbols VII: "The Christmas Holy Family"

Welcome to the last part of my Christmas special for this year! Like the previous, these pictures were taken in the SM Mall in Makati City using my mobile digital camera!

How important to you is your family? As a Filipino tradition, we have the so called, "close family ties" which keeps a bond between each members of the family. And during special occasions like Christmas, family reunion is still in practice. With lots of foods or no foods at all, keeping each members of the family intact is the best spirit of Christmas for most of us!

So for our last part, I know being a Filipino, Belen or the miniature Holy Family during the birth of Jesus Christ best symbolizes the Filipino Christmas! Therefore, I have here with you the different variations of Belen taken from the mall displays! Try to browse each of them. Which of them do you like most?!

Birthplace in the Sand...

Jesus Under The Christmas Trees...

Green Pastures!

In a Simple Place...

A Red Christmas!

A Royal Family!

A Royal Birth of A King!

Now, what can you say about each pictures? Do they exactly replicate the Holy Family when the infant Jesus was born? Which of the above images best portrays the birth of Christ?

Being a religious person, Belen like the pictures above is my favorite Christmas symbol! It remimded us of the story of Christmas and how Jesus Christ was born in a very simple place. Amazing to know that the 'King of all Kings' was born in a simple manger, a birthplace for the horse! This also reminded us how cruel the people in the world. is During that time, they didn't even allow Mary to give birth on their houses leading Mary to gave birth in the manger!

Well, if I were to ask you, will you consider Belen as the best symbol of Christmas?! Or if you were to choose between parol and Belen as a symbol of Filipino Christmas, which of the two will you prefer?!

Hope all of you really enjoy my month-long Christmas special! If I were to ask you, which of the 7 part do you like most? Christmas trees, Angels, Santa Claus, Gold or Red Christmas, Gift and Giving, Infant Jesus, or our latest Belen, which do you really love?! Feel free to give your feedback and comments! See you on the next Christmas...!!! c",)

Maligayang Pasko Po!!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Yuletide Symbols VI: "Baby Jesus in the Manger"

Merry Christmas to all of you!!!! Wishing you all the best this season!

Here is now my second to the final Christmas special for this year! Again, these pictures were all taken in the SM Mall, Makati City using my digital mobile phone. I put this part on the very day of Christmas since this thing is I think the most significant symbol of Christmas! Yup, without the birth of Him, do you think we will celebrate Christmas?!

Above and below are the pictures of baby Jesus during His birth. Try to take a glance of the different variations of the infant Jesus!

Child in the White Sand...

The Infant in the White and Green Christmas!

A Royal Baby...

Almost all over the world, we celebrate Christmas. All nations joined-hand every year to commemorate the most important time of the year!

Infant Jesus is I think the most important symbol of Christmas. In all the displays around the malls, churches, streets, or even in the plain houses, you could always see child Jesus. Cute, tiny, huggable...seeing a baby Jesus, you will like got inspired!

Just like in the pictures, it comes with the different variations and styles. Every country had their own designs of infant Christ. But the good thing was that, they didn't remove the original birthplace of Jesus which is the manger! Infant Jesus in the manger keeps us reminding of the original story of Christmas, its true meaning, its real symbol!

So, with my few pictures above, feel free to choose which among them is the best symbol of infant Jesus during his birth! Your comments and suggestions are also welcome!!! c",)

Wishing You All A Merry, Merry, Christmas...!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Invasion of our Home VII: 'The Place of My New PC!'

Welcome back to our invasion! I know you really missed your tours around our home.

So by your request, I will allow you back to invade our home! Are you excited?! This time, I will let you see where I place my new PC.

Have your camera with you as we enter our home. Take a glance to the area where my new PC was situated. One...two...c'mon...!!!

Showing My Complete Set!

A Study and An Office Area...!!!

One week before I had my new desktop, I bought a computer table for it. I looked for a sturdy and a multi-function brand in Homeworks, ACE Hardware, and in SM Mall here in our place.

After a series of search, I finally found it in the SM mall. Just like what you see, my computer table is a black sturdy wooden type. It has a three layer table. The bottom layer is for the AVR and for the CPU, the second layer is for the monitor where in this layer, it has another two mini-layers on both side for the speaker. It has a sliding drawer on the second layer for the keyboard. Speakers, optical mouse, web camera, our internet modem, telephone, in addition to the monitor and to the keyboard were situated in the second layer.

Well, on the third layer is a space for the printer or scanner. But since I have no printer or scanner, I used this layer for displays of other things just like what you have seen.
A Cool and Well-Ventilated Place!
Do You Like My Computer Table?!

I Just Put Design on The Third Layer Since I Have No Printer or Scanner Yet!

I decided to place my new PC in our sala in between our green sofa and my bookshelf. I first thought to place it in our bedroom, but since the phone was in our sala, we agreed to locate it beside the telephone. In fact since it is beside my bookshelf, I decided to call this area as my office extension or a study area!

This area also is really cool and well-ventilated. It is located in-between our main door (with a window beside it) and in our window in our dining area so cool breeze revolves around! You really feel cold in this place! So relaxing!

But then even the area was well-ventilated, I still bought a small industrial fan which is only dedicated for my CPU. It was placed in the bottom layer of my computer table directed toward my CPU. I really feel the cool air given by my small industrial fan in my legs!

Now what can you say about my location for my new PC? Do you like where I placed it? And how about my designs...?! Are you also satisfied with the computer table I bought to house my new PC? Feel free to give you comments and suggestion...!!!

See you once more in our next invasion! I know you enjoy your trip...!!! c",)

My New PC

The long wait is over! Finally, I already had my Personal Computer in our home! Yeepey!!!

It was just delivered in our home last Saturday afternoon together with the installation of our internet.

So again, I will let you to be the first to explore my new PC. Of course, I will also let you know some of the stories behind it and the specifications for better visualization! Are you ready...?!

Let's go!
The Web-Camera from A4Tech, The First I Bought
My CPU Monitor From Dell
It is an 8 Megapixel Web Camera

Actually, my original plan was to buy a laptop! Together with my officemates, we looked at the different brands and specs of laptops in the different computer stores in Cyberzone of SM Megamall! I also searched for the different brands and models in the internet and in the different brochures.

But after a thorough decision and discussions with my mom, my brother, and my friends, I finally came up to buy a desktop personal computer!

I put into considerations in buying a PC are the heavy duty use of it (since I have many transactions around the internet), cost (it is cheaper than the laptop), spare parts (we can replace immediately its separated spare parts with lesser cost), ease to upgrade, and its immovability (I will put in a permanent place in our home).

In fact, I bought this brand new PC in the store of my officemate. Yeah, my officemate at the same time my friend has a PC shop business. So, she gave me discounts in this PC. Also, they already installed all the softwares that I will need like the Microsoft office, Nero, Media Players, Games (per request of my brother), and many more! They were also the one who delivered it in our house!
The DVD Multi-Rewriter from LG

The CPU with Its Casing Below My Table

The Operating System of My New PC

Now, I will discuss with you the specs of my brand new PC.

My officemate friend gave me these competitive specs: 2GB memory, 320 Hard Disk Drive, Multi-DVD Rewritable player (LG brand), with optical mouse and AVR. The motherboard was provided by ASUS while the CPU monitor was from Dell. It has a built-in red CPU fan inside the CPU. And of course, it has a free installed operating System (OS) which is the Windows Vista!

Talking about the softwares inside it, all the different applications I requested were already installed. In fact, the Microsoft Office version in it was already the new MS Office 2010 version! The processor of it is a Core 2 Duo!

In terms of the hardwares, not included were the speaker, web camera, scanner and printer. I was the one who bought separately the speaker (from CD-R King but I will replace it later) and the web camera (8 Megapixel A4Tech).

On that very same day last Saturday, the Bayantel DSL, our internet provided installed our connection. Therefore since last Saturday, I was in front of my PC blogging, surfing, chatting, and flirting! Haha...! I already created my accounts in the different social networks such as in Facebook!

Well, now that you already explored my new PC, feel free to express your thoughts about it! Are you satisfy with the specs I have in my new PC?! What more can you suggest?! c",)

Friday, December 18, 2009

Picture Story 5: The Gifts!

What can you say on this picture? Cute...tiny...colorful...artistic...?!

I like to share with you this photo taken last December 2008. Now you have an idea?! It was taken from the workstation of my office mate. He was so thankful and really appreciates these little things!

These things were the small gifts coming from our teammates. Like what I have said, every Christmas seasons, each of my teammates gives gift to each one of us. And these were all the gifts we have received last year!

Now my question goes...could you spot which of these things was my gift to them?!

How matter how big or small your gift was, it is still the thoughts and value that count! It's important that it's all purely coming from the heart...!!! c",)

Wishing You All The Best This Season!!!

Yuletide Symbols V: "Gifts and Giving"

Seven days to go before Christmas...have you received your gifts?!

Well, Christmas won't not be complete without gifts and giving! Actually it is the gift that really put the spirit of Christmas into life!

Now on my fifth Christmas special, join me as I open my gifts to all of you! Do you have your wish list with you?

It's Nice To Be A Christmas Model!

Here is Your Gift...

Which Of These Is Mine?!

Every Christmas, everyone of us gives gifts to our love ones. If you have lots of friends, well expect for more gifts! Actually here in our office and even in my previous office, each of my teammates gives gifts to all of us during Christmas. My working area was really full of different gifts wrapped in a Christmas wrapper. In addition to this, we also received other more special gifts from our special someone! Wow!

And giving Christmas gifts varies in style. I know all of you already practiced the so called exchange gifts, monito-monita , Kris-kringle , and other more. All of us had experienced buying gift for his 'baby' or received an unexpected gift from his 'parent'! Or we find it hard to look for something hard, long,
and hairy! Ohh...!

Well, these were just some of the experiences we had during Christmas! It really hard to find the right gifts your recipient wishes! But if I were to ask, which of these Christmas gift-giving do you like best, monito-monita, kris-kringle, exchange gift, or any other more that I haven't mentioned yet!

So Many Gifts I Have Received! Thanks!

Hey, Where Is Your Gift For Me?!

Posing On The Christmas Tree!

A Cute Christmas Model!...Wow!

And another tradition for gift is that everytime we received gifts, we immediately place it under our Christmas tree. Actually the bottom of our Christmas trees were all intended as a storage for gifts! Hmmm...did you know why we put our gifts under the Christmas trees? Or do you have an idea where this tradition came from?!

For some after they received the gift, they immediately open it in front of the giver. But in my case, after I received the gift, I keep it and wait for the Christmas day to come before I open it! This is my style so that I really feel the suspense of the gift I didn't know!

And for some, they totally destroy the wrapper after opening the gift. But others open the gift so gently avoiding it to destroy specially those expensive wrapper type! In addition to this, have you heard of recycle gifts?! What's your idea about this?!

So, again feel free to share your thoughts! It's the idea that counts! Haha! And before we finally end, give another shots to all my pictures above! I let myself to be your model in this part of my Christmas special! Do you like it! I know you really love...!!!Haha! c",)

Give Love On Christmas Day!!!

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