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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saying Goodbye to My Workstation!

I'll gonna miss this workstation! I've already transferred to the new one...!'s not that you're thinking...! Nope, I didn't transfer to the new company. I'm still here in my company! I didn't also transfer to the new team or to the new department. Still, same company, same team, same position! Oh yeah!!

Yup, what we had were just physical transfer...just a transfer of workstation!

Right now, we were already in our new working area. Hayz...I've just finished transferring my things in my new work area. And it took me more time to transfer my things from my previous station to the new one. Why...?! Well, just look at my previous station! Hahaha...!

And yeah, it took me longer time to design my new workstation! Hahaha! With my things and designs I have, no questions to ask!

Oh, don't worry guys! I will still show you later how my new workstation looks like. From scratch to finish, I will let you see! c",0

By the way, try to look at my former area? What can you say?! How does it look? Do you like it!? Or maybe you could suggest more idea so that I will use on my new station! Browse pictures one by one!

Now, what can you say?! What can you conclude!?

The things I would missed with this place were the walls! Yeah, it was surrounded with many walls! With those wall, I put all my designs...all the arts!

Ok, do you had fun with the tour to my previous station!? You are free to give your thoughts! See you next time on my new working area! c",)

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Pare ang ganda ng office. Yung workstation... ewan ko lang. Hahaha!

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