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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fame Over Fame

Fame really came in my whole personality. My star really shines not only in billboards, TV, movies, or magazines but in the famous stars itself! And take note, it shines the brightest not only in the local scenes but even in the Hollywood!

Are you ready who were some of the stars who got starstruck over me?!

Well, know some of them!

Angelina Jolie

David Beckham

Now do you amazed?! Or still can't believe?!

Well, as they always say, pictures speak for themselves! So I think, I don't need to explain or elaborate! But one thing for sure, Angelina Jolie really loves to wear her blouse with my face imprinted on it! Hmmm...what will Brad Pitt feel about it?!

And of course, the world's sexiest man David Beckham got insecure with my sexy face so he got it in his skin wherever he will go! Well, we really seem similar!

So, do you even want to have me in you?! I'll gonna think about it...! Just contact me and we will talk on it...!!! c",)

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