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Monday, November 9, 2009

Cooking My Favorite Recipe!

Last Holiday, I cooked one of my favorite food. Actually it was my third time to cook or make a special dish. The first one was Taco, the second was my favorite Spaghetti, and this is the third...Macaroni!

Maybe you may ask why I cooked such like this..!?

Come and Taste My Dish... !

It's Perfect With Orange Juice!

Just like I said I had already cooked two special dishes (excluded to these were my own creation of my different desserts!). And it was a successful experiment! So I continue developing my hidden talent now in the field of foods and cooking!

Actually my original plan was to cook again another Spaghetti dish. But then, since I already tested cooking a very delicious special Spaghetti two weeks ago, I decided to cook another one but similar to Spaghetti! Oops...FYI, my favorite food is Spaghetti...yum-yum!! I really love it.

And so, when we went to grocery together with my mom, I decided to cook Macaroni pasta!

Cooking An Italian Sauce...Wow!

Here You Go...Yum-Yum...So Cheesy!!

This was an Italian style macaroni spaghetti! I really choose the Italian sauce to make a different in our cravings! With hotdogs, ground pork, and cheesy favorite recipe was so successful!

It was indeed another great recipe of mine! I like the Italian was sour and really yummy!

My mom and my younger brother tasted and eat a lot of my recipe! They loved what I cooked! Great!

Oh, how about you!? I forgot to give you some free taste of my sorry for that! But I have here some of my crafts! Here were some of my outcome! Imagine you were tasting some! Feel free to give comments afterwards!! c",)


Wow kuya rocky! You’re venturing another craft ah.. that’s nice..

Uy lapit na po Christmas, gift ko po ah...!!

So, you consider 'craft' for the food. It may not taste good if you express it...

What is Macaroni Spaghetti anyway???

Kaw talaga kuya.. kaya pala nagreinvent ka dahil sa role ni angel dun sa only u… nakakatuwa.. (^_^)

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