Friday, November 27, 2009

The Fruits of All My 'Good Jobs'!

Recently, I had told you about my Bravo Cards and Star Points! Yup, here in our company, every good things you have done, every good jobs you have made, and every projects you have successfully accomplished, you will be given a 'Bravo Card' or Star Points as a sign of 'kudos' or great appreciation!

Humbly speaking, I already received so many Bravo Cards and Star points here in our company knowing that I am only one and a half year old here. Each cards has an equivalent number of points which corresponds to a star points!

Hmmm...what are the significant of these star points?! How then did I came up with these items!?

All The Items I Got...!

Cool Stuffs for my Cool Place...!

Souvenir Photos of the Souvenir Items!

As a default, each Bravo card has an equivalent of 100 star points. It's up to the giver if he wants to increase the points in the Bravo card. Like in my case, one of my bravo card corresponds to 200 points since I lead or I hold a specific project successfully in our company.

You will collect all these points until they increase. You're just like saving a number of points in a bank! These number of accumulated points will allow you to avail or redeem different souvenir items from the company. In other words, your points will eventually turn into a money!

All in all with these bravo cards including my other star points earned, I accumulated a total number of 1,890 points or in terms of money, Php1,890 or $1,890!

The Chrome... I Really Love!

Red Notebooks...Thanks I Got Two!

The Highlighter Cup with Highlighters...So Colorful!

You may ask, how much each item cost?! Well, these were the breakdowns:

Mug = 500 points (half prized promo = 250)
Notebook = 400 points
Highlighter Cup = 500 points
Chrome = 600 points
Emoticon Magnet = 500 points
Ballpen = 100 points

Now have you already computed?

Oops...Don't Forget the Mug

Two Brilliant Ballpens...Still Great!

And the 'Ematicon Magnet'...Choose Your Emo of the Day!

So, with my total accumulated points, imagine how many items I got! Well, count them all in the image above!

My other officemates get jealous or insecure with the items I got. I was the one who got the most number of items! In fact, I got all the variety of items they sold! Wow! How great this day to me. I was really, really thankful and inspire!

Of course I love all the items I got. Hmmm...if you'll ask me what's my favorite...? Ummm...I think the highlighter cup and the chrome! Yeah just like what you see in the pictures, they were atractive and perfect for display!

Second to my like is the red notebook. Yeah because they were really hard, glossy, and 'matibay'! Next is the mug! FYI...this is now my second mug. I got the first one from their February contest wherein I was a runner-up!

Then the Emoticon magnet like you can see is really nice. It contains different smiley or face emotions where you can set by the square white magnet. I like it second to the list though still perfect for my wall display because its magnetic attraction to the wall was very weak!

Oh, I don't even like the ballpens! But then since I still have remaining points, I avail it! And glad that I even got two!

Now, it's your time to speak! What can you say?! Will you still love these items?! Were they attractive to you! Again, you are really free to speak and post comments! Hope you enjoy my share...!!! c",)

Moving Locations

Last Summer, April of this year to be exact, we had experienced transferring into the new house. We moved from our previous house which we rented for almost 5 years into a new home Our new house is larger and more beautiful than our previous!

But, moving from one house to another is somehow difficult to do specially if you have large appliances and many things to transfer! This problem bothered my mom so she is always afraid to move locations!

Well, now moving from one place to another is not anymore a problem!

Glad that there is now Melrose Moving that is always ready to lend hand in times like these!

Melrose Moving or Moving Companies Los Angeles is a local moving company which serves the Metro Area of Los Angeles. Having a main goal of giving their customers a great satisfaction, Los Angeles Office Movers always ensures that the best service were given to the customers by providing them professional service by their skillful experienced professional trained movers, clean trucks wit liftgate and ramps, free estimates, and professional packing techniques!

Hmmm...with a great service like this, I will always love to move anywhere in Los Angeles! My mother will bother no more every time we transfer in different houses!

Oops...I know you will ask how can you have or avail this kind of great service!

Well, don't worry 'coz you can always call them through 1-800-431-3920 as a toll fee number! Anytime, anywhere, you can always call them to get a moving quote in Los Angeles.

So do you still have problems in moving locations?! Well, this moving company is the answer to all of your problems in terms of moving! Just contact them whenever needed! c",)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Welcome To My New Wokstation!

Here is now my new workstation...! You are cordially invited to have a visit...! c",0

As I promised, I will allow you to see my transformed new workstation. This is now the Part 2 of my transfer to the new working area. Recently, you had seen a very simple and plain cube. But now, look at it...! What can you say? How do you like my new workstation?!

Join me as I tour you to my mini-palace in the Corporate World! Have fun...enjoy!

So Neat and Clean...

Artistic and Stylish!

The Area of Art and Elegance...

After our transfer last week, I immediately think of the layouts for the design of my new cube. Of course before doing any arts, I took a picture of the initial plain one to see the improvements and to share it with you! I consider the space, the angle, and the position of my area before creating my own style!

You know, it took me almost one hour and a half in fixing my things and putting them on their own places. Of course, doing the arts in my workstation is included!

Take a glance...! What can you say!? How can you compare it with my previous station?

The Plain and Simple Eventually Transformed!

With Photos and Toys...

An Area for Bravo Cards, Rewards, and Appreciations!

Looking keenly at the details, actually there were many similarities with my previous area. The things, the concept, the toys, the cards, my creations, and of course my pictures were all maintained! I just made a new arrangement with my stuffs.

A friend of mine commented on my previous post about my workstation saying, " I suggest you install all the walls of your cubicle with mirrors so you can see your face wherever you look..."! Well, my answer will need to add mirrors in my cube just to see my face everywhere I look because my cube contains my different photoshots. So everytime and everywhere here in my station, I can always see my photogenic face! Haha...! Besides, my PC also had my picture used as a wallpaper! c",)

Yeah all my officemates look at my station to see my cute photos. They really admire my pictures! One of my teamates and even my manager says that my station is like a gallery of arts and photos! Other says, it is like a scrapbook! Haha!

Papers and Documents were Properly Kept

This Part Keeps Me Relax...!

Visitor's Area...!

Beside my photos, part of my station are my bravo cards! Yeah I have plenty of bravo cards displayed and stored in one part of my cube! For those who didn't know, bravo card in our company is a sign of appreciation. It is a symbol of a job well done or a sign of "Good Job"! It's a form of rewards for every good deeds, good projects, or perfect things you have accomplished! It is also equivalent to a hundred star points! Well, humbly speaking, I already received plenty of these bravo cards! For my one and a half years of stay here in our company, I already got 7 Bravo cards and 4 Gift certificates for my job well done!

So to keep me inspire and do more, I dedicate a place in my area for my bravo cards. I also laminate my gift cards and post it on my walls! Great!

Of course you could also see magnets and toys around my area! Yup, though I already did mature or adult roles, I am still young and playful at heart!

Papers and documents were also placed in one area in my station. My things were placed in their proper places. I always ensure that my workstation is neat and clean. Besides, I always wipe my desk with alcohol everyday to keep if safe, fragrant, and disinfected! All my officemates appreciate my neatness and cleanliness in my area! They termed my workstation as 'yung malinis na area...'! They also appreciate my work of arts and style!

Well, it's now your turn to give your thoughts and feedbacks! Have you enjoy your tour in my area? Well, soon, I will tour you in the evolution of my working station...!!! c",)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Transferring To My New Wokstation

Recently, you have witnessed how I say goodbye to my previous workstation. Now, join me again as I transfer to my new working area!

Well, to give you a more detailed documentation of my new working area, I decided to divide my post into two part.

For the first part, I will let you see the plain working area before I transfer. And then of course for the second part, I will let you see the renovated one. The working station that I already designed!

So, let's proceed to the Part I.

Yeah, as you can see, it's plain and simple! This is my new area before I transfer! Look at's very very clear and simple!

It is surrounded by colorful walls. The color of the walls were just blended with the lights. It's so nice and friendly to the eyes!

Unlike my previous workstation, it is wider. I can move more freely with it. But then, it is more expose to others than my previous. Hmmm....some of my secrets will be reveal here if this is an open area! Haha...!

Look at it from top to bottom, side by side. What can you say? Do you like it as plain as is? Or you missed my accessories!? What can you suggest to improve its looks?

Aside from its fair appearance, another thing that I can share with this new area is its environment. Besides having more other neighbors from the other area, its air-condition is truly cold! Yeah, twice the coldness from my previous station! Oh I need now to wear many jackets! I can't take the cold!

Again, have your final shots in my new workstation 'coz later you would see how it will transform into a new artistic one!

So, did you enjoy your preliminary visit to my new work area? Now, get ready to see its transformation...!!! c",)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Picture Story 3: "Cat! Cat! Cat on the Table!"

Is this another attack on our kitchen by a black pussycat?

Oh, it's Miming Negro caught again in our dinning table! But wait, there's no food on the table! What's then her purpose of invading back our kitchen!?

Welcome back to your favorite picture story! Now it's your chance to give me the answer base on the portrays.

Can you tell me what did Miming do here in our dinning table? Is she looking for food or she's bringing us food!? Or did she wants to do a cetain recipe?

Now is your time to open up your wildest imagination...! c",)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saying Goodbye to My Workstation!

I'll gonna miss this workstation! I've already transferred to the new one...!'s not that you're thinking...! Nope, I didn't transfer to the new company. I'm still here in my company! I didn't also transfer to the new team or to the new department. Still, same company, same team, same position! Oh yeah!!

Yup, what we had were just physical transfer...just a transfer of workstation!

Right now, we were already in our new working area. Hayz...I've just finished transferring my things in my new work area. And it took me more time to transfer my things from my previous station to the new one. Why...?! Well, just look at my previous station! Hahaha...!

And yeah, it took me longer time to design my new workstation! Hahaha! With my things and designs I have, no questions to ask!

Oh, don't worry guys! I will still show you later how my new workstation looks like. From scratch to finish, I will let you see! c",0

By the way, try to look at my former area? What can you say?! How does it look? Do you like it!? Or maybe you could suggest more idea so that I will use on my new station! Browse pictures one by one!

Now, what can you say?! What can you conclude!?

The things I would missed with this place were the walls! Yeah, it was surrounded with many walls! With those wall, I put all my designs...all the arts!

Ok, do you had fun with the tour to my previous station!? You are free to give your thoughts! See you next time on my new working area! c",)

Friday, November 20, 2009


Are you excited to see my new upcoming movie?!

Well, grab your chance 'coz I am giving you now the opportunity to be the first to view my next attraction box-office movie. Here is our movie poster:

Hayz, so nice to be a lead cast in this new Hollywood offering. It's an action-packed suspense thriller flick. Lots of fights and hi-tech effects were there in our movie!

Now, what more can you say? Did you like our movie poster? How do I look in the picture!? Or should I say, can you point me here in our movie poster?

I will tell you later the premiere night of our movie. And we will give free movie tickets for the first 100 viewers during our premiere night. So don't be late!

For the meantime, you may enjoy viewing our movie poster. What can you say about it!? Did it strongly catches your atention?! c",)

I Remember The Days IV: "In The Midst of Antennas"

November 14, 2006 - Dream TV

To give you more on our Field Trip in Ilocos last November 2006, here are my other photos taken from one of the site we had visited.

Hmmm...if I'm not mistaken, this place was the Dream TV, one of the companies that provide cable TV signal in the different places in our country as well as in the other nations around the globe. We were toured to see the complete structure of their company, the circuits, the panel TVs covering other international stations, their transmitters, and of course these huge antennas!

Well, give them first a quick view!

The place was really good! I like the ambiance. It was surrounded with beautiful views!

I was amazed during that time with the different kinds of antennas they have. The shapes and structures varies. Round, cone type, pointed, wand style, etc...all they have!

I didn't waste my time, I took the moment to have my solo shots in the place! Did you see it!? Since Electronic Communications was one of my favorite subjects in College, I really felt the spirit of our course Electronics and Communications Engineering with these large antennas!

Well, what can you say?! Did you even like the place? You could always send me feedbacks...!!! c",)

I Remember The Days III: "Some Photoshots In Ilocos"

November, 2006 - Ilocos Province

The New Endorser of Jollibee Ilocos...Great One!

Still in Ilocos Province!

Well, to some of you that didn't yet seen my photos way back in College, here is now your privilege. I will provide you some of my solo photoshots taken in Ilocos Province during our Field Trip.

I didn't exactly remember the name of that place in Ilocos. I just remember that together with my friends, we escaped one of the discussions in our plant visit to capture some shots in some beautiful places in the province!

Take a look on some of my photos:

The Mansion...

One More...!!!

The Sand...The Windmills...of Pagudpod Beach

I'm still looking for some of my other photos taken during our field trip. I have lots of wacky shots but I'm thinking if I will share it with you! Hehehe...

But what can you say about these photos? Yup, you agreed that I was really thinner during those days! On my latest photos taken just only this year, you would see the great difference! Many say, my looks and my build now are really better than my previous. They love my looks and my body now! Hahaha...!

Now, I'm still giving you the right to make comments on these shots! c",)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I Remember The Days II: "Trip To Ilocos"

November, 2006 - Ilocos Province

Another memorable event that happened in the month of November was our Ilocos Field Trip. It happened on the first week of November, 2006. We were already on the final year of our BSECE course.

Yup, Field Trip is a mandatory subject in our course. It is another subject under the name Seminars and Field Trips! We need to complete atleast 6 seminars and 1 Field Trip to complete our course.

ECE Boys

Stop-Over in Dagupan...

During our year, we all agreed to have our Field Trip in the whole province of Ilocos. We both visited Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur. We had witnessed all the major destinations and key places in the province such as the Baluarte ni Chavit, Marcos Museum, Vigan, the white sand Pagudpod, and the wind mills.

Hayz, I just got some of our many many pictures taken from the different places. By now, I will provide you some of our pictures. Maybe later, I could show you all the photos we had! c",0

Take a look on some of the views taken from a high building. Some of the pictures I have were too large that I can't upload on this site!

Welcoming Sunrise

Land Area In Pampanga...

On the Seashore...A Thinner Me!

Look at me on these pictures. What can you observe? Yup, I was so thin that time. You couldn't imagine how I look now. It was totally different. I gained now more weights!

Traveling from Manila to Ilocos took us 12 hours. Yeah, we stayed in our bus for 12 hours to complete our tour going to this province. Thanks God, there were stop-overs!

Besides the Ilocos province, we also visited other nearby place like Pangasinan, Dagupan, and Pampanga. Later, I will let you see these other places.

So, enjoy viewing some of our Ilocos pics. Later I will provide more...!!! c",)

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