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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Full Team Meeting For October

Every month our whole team get together for a full team meeting. This is the meeting where we all discuss admin matters, special announcements, events to come, incoming projects or progress status of our current projects.

The same thing we done before, we were all in a formal Corporate business attire.

During our Meeting...

Once More...Smile!

This was happened Monday, the first week of October. Actually this whole day was allotted for a meeting. Yeah, it was a one whole day of different meetings! Just like I told you before, this one whole day meeting comprised project walkthrough, wrap-up meeting of the previous accomplished project, and the Full Team Meeting for the month.

But on this full team meeting, there was a sudden difference! You know what?

As you can see, a lot of foods...oh, the foods were now in our stomach! Rather say, we were all full that day!

Marcon...Marcon...!!! I Really Love This...!!!

Foods Left Empty Afterwards...

Yeah...we also had a potluck during this day. We had a lots of foods! After our morning meeting, we immediately celebrate the foods in our recreation area!

What foods do we have?!

Well there were: three pieces of Lechon Manok from Andoks, marcon, pancit bihon sa bilao, a pot of rice, dip nacho chips, and for our desert were fruit salad and gulaman at sago, while our drinks were a variety of Zesto fruit juice! Love it?!

Really, we were too full after this!

Ooops...Take A Shot First!

Don't Smile While Your Mouth is Full...!!

And of course, we need to capture this moment! 1...2...3...Smile!!! Say cheese...!!!

Pictorials...differents shots...different posts were all captured in a cam! Thanks to one of my officemates, he had brought his professional digital camera! We got some of our best shots!

Look at some of our pictures, my officemate photographer had his sign of ownership for our pictures! He's such a professional type! Well, actually, it was his hobby!

Well, what can you say?! Hayz...hope to be more delicious foods next time during our meeting. I love foods...foods like these!

But don't worry, there will be more other events like this. Specially now, it's a 'Ber' month...expect more events, gatherings, celebrations, and!!! c",)

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What a serious meeting you have. Full of smiles and the topic is food... I have no objection on the way you handle meetings but please, next time change your title to 'Foods at the Meeting' or 'Luncheon Meeting' since you focused more on the eating time rather than the meeting itself.

Who I mean, what is Marcon anyway? It's morcon. Unless you have a sentimental meaning & reason why you called it such a dish.

So full of grammatical errors like the subject-verb agreement and singular-plural arrangements.

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