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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Training Workbook

My Created Workbook for Our Newbies

It's Plain and Simple For Now

Yeah, since you all know that I'm handling trainings in our team wherein I'm their official Trainor, I have develop a workbook!

Besides the training for the whole group, I was also the one who handle the training for the new hires! I provide them a 5-day long New Hire Training. I entitle this training as "Learning RQA in 5 Days"! Their first five days in our company is dedicated to me! I am their master!

I'm the one who provides their lecture, theoretical trainings, and of course the practical and hands-on! Yup, I also give them an evaluation written exam on the final day of our training. I named it as NTEE (New Hire Training Evaluation Exam)! This is a 150-Item Written Examination which covers all our trainings!

It Blends My Workstation!

I Design It Handy and Convenient But Full Of Important Contents

But of course, I also write a book for their training! As you can see, it's a great helpful workbook or hand book for them. All our lessons, process, guidelines, and other steps were all written there! Yeah, I wrote it for them!

Since it's my first time to launch this workbook, it's appearance for the meantime is very simple. It is ring-bind! Maybe on later times, you will see how it improved! It will then looks like the one you often seen on the different book shops and review stores!

How does it look? Yes, it's simple for now since it's my first time to lauch it. But don't worry, I will update you and let you see the enhance versions later! So watch out for this! c",0

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