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Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Pay IT Forward Training

Yesterday, I conducted my training for my team entitled "Pay IT Forward (Understanding The Way You Pay)" wherein I'm the Trainor and the Resource Speaker!

My Recently Conducted Training

Well, just like my two grand previous trainings, the "Days With The Dev" and "Fusion", this training can now be counted as one of the best! My team and my participants really loved my presentation and the way I handled the training. Of course, they all love the prizes I gave.

But, have you ever thought why this training titled as such? Have you ever wonder where I got my title?

The Origin Of My Training Title

Yeah, as you can see, the origin of my title was derived from the movie "Pay It Forward"! I was inspired by the movie. Way back in high school last 2000, we did a movie review project for this one. The message, the idea of this said movie was really a good lesson to have and apply.

Do you know what is "Pay It Forward"?

Actually, "Pay It Forward" is an idea which means "repaying the good deeds done to you by others to other persons not related to you"! In the movie, it was started by a little boy named Trevor Mckinney. But according to my research, this idea was already used in ancient times. Even Einstein knew it!

"Pay It Forward" was originally came from a novel written by Catherine Ryan Hyde. Then eventually in October 2000, it was revived in the movie. Now in September 2, 2009, I also made my revision of Pay It Forward. This time in the form of training!

Training Room Preparation

Religious Souvenir Items As My Prizes

The Table of Prizes!

Prizes, Prizes, and More Prizes!

I adapted the title of the movie in my training. This time Pay IT Forward now stands for three different related words. Pay for the payment process we have, IT or Information Technology our nature and how it effects our modern payment system, and Forward from Fast Forward, our specialized payment card!

We have a fun and interactive training for about 2 hours and 15 minutes for the type of training I conducted for them. Of course, they love the Game I have for them! But they love more the prizes I gave to each winner participants.

What are the prizes? Well, you can view them above! Chocolates, snacks, Stick-O, bars of chocolates, and of course the religious souvenir items!

Hmmmm...what can you say? Will you also be happy if you're one of the attendees?!Well, you can even try me! Some other times, I will also conduct trainings outside our company. Maybe one day, you are one of my participants!

"Having fun...enjoying while learning...!" This is my idea in every trainings I conduct! c",)

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