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Monday, September 21, 2009

Fantaserye Heroine

Alwina, Darna, Sabina, Gabriela, Lyka...!

All of them were the superhero you always love. The action-fantasy heroine that once saved your life and romance in the fantasy world! But all of them just denote one name!...and that is Angel Locsin!

A Job Well Done As Darna

I Never Forget Angel as Alwina...Where All Started!

She started to soar being the half-human, half-bird Sugo in the hit series Mulawin as Alwina! At first I hate that Fantasy TV series since it was in my network's rival GMA-7. They aired it agains my favorite and the first Fantasy Series in ABS-CBN Marina!

But eventually, after September 14, 2005, I learned to love it! Yeah since the story of Mulawin very much reflects my longest running love story in collage entitled "I Love You _ _ _ _!"

And Alwina is my very own leading lady! Our love story was very much inspired by Mulawin! I need to fight for her! I need to save and protects her! I need to fight both for my love and my career!

This is My Remarkable Love Story In Collage

An Infatuation For A Time!

Right after Alwina, Angel still soar even higher now as Darna, the ever famous Pinay Superhero!

Well, I even admire Angel being Darna. She really fits this role. She got the perfect and sexy body that every man desires! She need to fight and save the mankind from the evil spirits! For me, Angel Locsin being Darna is the sexiest and most fitted Darna ever produced! Hope that one day, there is Darna that could save me!

Angel Is Still The Sexiest Darna Ever!

Aleks versus Angel!

The fight continues after Darna! She even got a superhuman power now being a majikera in Majika as Sabina! This time all of them were in a magical fantasy world!

Well, for this fantaserye, it just reminded me of my other crush in collage! She really loves fine arts! She could paint and loves photography! Wow...we are on the same frequency! I just wonder that one day she will paint me in all nude and naked!

I really missed this Fine Arts or Graphic Arts student. I used to text her before. She then replied with the words of God or inspirational message! I even call her last February 2008. But now I don't know if I have contact with her, I even tried miss calling her and her phone still rings. But she doesn't even texted me at all!

From Rival To Lovers

My First Love Story In The Corporate World

I have no more stories to tell Angel being Gabriela in Asian Treasure! But I had an infatuation with an Asian girl I met during my exchange student delegation. I just entitled it as Asian Dream in December 2005 just so happened that Angel did a similar action-fantasy series 'Asian Treasure' in January 2007!

Then after that, I salute Angel very much as she transfered in Kapamilya Network right after Asian Treasure. This time she has an even supernatural power now being a lady wolf in the smash hit TV series 'Lobo'. Now she was paired with Piolo Pascual, a dream tandem before since they were both on the rival networks!

For this one, it reminds me of my former schoolmate and officemate in my very first job in IT. It was my very first love story now in the corporate world! Our love story was such a light romance entitled as "Love As First Ride!"

Up to now though she's not a superhero anymore, rather a real-life fighter, Angel Locsin still symbolize my love life! She's a hot sexy lady that every man desire and wish to have. Whenever I see her on TV, commercial, magazines, and billboards, it just reminded me of all the love stories I had before! Of all the persons I loved, of all that I shared my life and love with...!!! Angel and I were both fighters for life and love! Hope to be paired with her someday! c",)

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