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Wednesday, September 9, 2009


"Triple 9"... Three 9's. 999 or 090909 or 09.09.09!

Is there something special? Is there something unique? Or should I say, is this a lucky day?

Have You Notice The Date Today?


Well, what's new? what's the difference? Or it's just fun to see? Have you also observed the date today?

Actually I'm the first one to recognize from our office last night or should I say very early in the midnight at exactly 12 o'clock A.M. since I'm working in graveyard or in night shift since last Monday. At first I just ignored! What's something different? We're just doing the same task, performing the regular routines, home then office and office then home! Ah, one thing different in this day was the continuous rain though no typhoon was forecast! It only made our area and our roads flooded!

The Time Is Running

Is this a Good or Bad Day?

Have You Marked The Date?

We all know that 666 is a bad number. On the other hand, 777 is the lucky one! But what about 999 ? Is it bad or good?

Viewing the news within this day, many couples were get married. They marked this day for their long term engagement! For them, this is the lucky day!

On political side, Noynoy Aquino today proclaimed that he is running for President in 2010 Presidential Election. Noting that today is also the 40 days death of former President Cory Aquino. Is it just a coincidence or an intended plan? These are some of the remarkable talk of the town for this 090909 date!

How about you? Do you find this date significant or lucky for you? Or it's just another ordinary day?!

Hmmmm...if you were to ask me the same question, I will just say Nothing! Nothing different! But talking of the month September, it is a significant month for me! A remarkable month in my lovelife! Yeah, I have fallen inlove twice in the month of September. One last September 1999, September 19, 1999 if I'm not mistaken when I met my first considered love way back in third year high school. And of course the most remarkable September 14, 2005, the longest ran lovelife! Just like the "Mulawin" TV series or an Angel Locsin-Richard Gutierrez love team inspired! Proud to say, I already moved on from those love stories! I hope I can find now my future partner! How I wish!! I will then be the happinest and luckiest man ever if that's given!

How about you? What is September 09, 2009 for you? Hope I can find now in 09.09.09 my love! But too short, 09.09.09 is running out of time. It will end in a minute!

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Congrats pre. four years na pala kayo ni... Ehem! well, ganun talaga ang love. Not all the time magkasama kayo. Pero kung gagawan mo ng paraan, magkikita rin kayo. Di ba sa parehong building lang kayo? O lumipat na? Wahahaha!

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