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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Invasion of our Home VI: 'A Lover of Music!'

If there is another thing that would describe rocky, well that is Music!

Yup, I really love music. It truly sounds beautiful in my ears. So for our next invasion, I will let you invade and see my mini-music room!

My DVD Component

The Music Blog You Always Love

I just had a hi-fi DVD component. As you can see, it's just a simple thing. I've placed it in our entertainment rack. See, aside me, our miniature pussy kittens also love music. They find their place comfortable on the top of the music box surrounded by a digitally surround-sound! Such ambitious kittens huh!

One proof of my love in music is my other blog site. Yeah, I know all of you were familiar with the "Rhythm of the Rock", my musical blog site full of the hit, rock, and sentimental lyrics with an enjoyable play list that will captivate your heart. And take note that in every lyrics of the songs I post, there is a corresponding love-story that some of you can relate!

Just Plain and Simple

Oh My Little Kittens!

Bringing back again in my mini-music area, almost everyday if there were no good TV programs or TV series to view, or if there were no new DVD movies in my collection, expect that our home was filled with good music and rhythm in the air! Yup, I was really a musically inclined person. Besides every part and chapters of my life, there is a corresponding music attached to it! Specially my love stories, it is equip with the greatest love songs and themes!

Another Cute Little Pose 'Round The Music

Music, Music, and More Music

Looking below in our entertainment rack, yeah, there is still another cassette! Well, when we listen to AM radio specially in the early morning, we use it. Or sometimes, I often use it to tune to the regular FM channels.

In terms of CD music and MP3, I also have a collection of hit songs. But majority of my collection is a softcopy of these MP3 musics stored in my PC hardrives. Even in my cellphone, I also have lots and lots of music to listen with!

This is just one of the bits of rocky I can share with you for the meantime. And on the same time also, you got a chance to visit my mini-music room! Well, how does it feel? What can you say? What more can you sugest!? c",)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Remembering 'The Mother Of Democracy'

Her reign still continue 'till the end! People put her in power...people still with her up to the last. Cory Aquino truly leave a remarkable legend, an inspiring legacy in the pages of Philippine History!

The President During My Childhood

My Tribute Songs to Cory in My Other Blog

Way back in February 25, 1986 when people put her in presidency, I was only a 2-year old boy. As a little boy during that period, I was not that aware of the historic event happening around me. I only became a Philippine History curious when I enter school at a very young age leading me to love reading History and Culture books. Until later on, in High School and College, I finally become a Philippine and World History Quizzer not to mention receiving different awards and citations as 'Best in Social Studies', 'Best in Philippine History', and 'Best in World History' topping them all!

Being a history lover and quizzer, the legacy and contributions of President Cory Aquino were all kept in my mind, books, and my notes. They were always part of my answers in every Quiz Bee that I joined!

Well from 1986 to 1992, I also experienced her administration. Yeah, from Kinder to Grade 2 in my schooling covered her terms.

Tie A Yellow Ribbon

I Have Fallen In Love withthe Same Woman Three Times

I was aware and I also experienced some of the threats and hardships she faced during her administration. 'Kudeta', half-day brownouts, 'Pinatubo' Eruptions, and the July 16, 1990 Earthquake were some of the difficulties we all encountered during that time. Thanks God, I was not born during the Martial Law regime! I was also aware of the so-called, "Cory's Magic" which put all the people together.

So to pay tributes to our 'Mother of Democracy', I alloted my two posts in my other blog site, 'Rhythm of The Rock'. The first one was the oldies hit song, "Tie a Yellow Ribbon", which was themed during the return of Ninoy in our country. And the second one was the poem written by Ninoy to Cory summarizing their love story entitled "I Have Fallen In Love (With the Same Woman Three Times)" then eventually sang by Jose Mari Chan and became part of his album.

Cory's Trade Mark

The Legacy of Cory Printed in Philippine History

But still these things were not that all enough to return back all the good deeds Cory gave to our country. Imagine without her courage and fighting spirits, maybe 'till now we were all still in the dark iron hands of Martial Law and Power Greediness! I also admired her being a religious woman who always pray and seek the help of our Lord. Cory being a mother and a leader is truly the best!

Together with the million people who salute, love, and respect Cory and in the name of the Philippines, all I can say...THANK YOU VERY MUCH PRESIDENT CORY! We all love and salute you...!!!

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