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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Star-Studded Look-Alike

It's such a wonderful day today since many stars visited my page! It's such a dazzling, star-studded, and shimmering site this could be!

Hmmmm...who is your favorite actor then? Well, it's up to you to choose. As they always say, all of us has as a counterpart. This only means that there is also another person that looks like us. Yup, everyone of us has a look-alike. It could be your favorite star, famous personality, well-known person, or just even an ordinary person that you always encounter everyday. Have you seen or have you realized who your look-alike are?

It's surprisingly, I discovered who my look-alikes are! Its a variety of stars and actors! Excited to know? Well, I allotted this page to let you know who my look-alikes are. Ready?! Here are the stars in the personality of rocky!

John Lloyd Cruz

Sam Milby

Rico Yan

Hayden Kho

Coco Martin

Rico Blanco / Christian Bautista

Drew Arellano

Baron Geisler

Jake Cuenca

JC De Vera

Manuel Chua of Pinoy Fear Factor

Piolo Pascual

David Cook

Lee Dong Wook (Julian of 'My Girl')

Well...have you amazed! Definitely yes! You couldn't believe that stars, actors, singers, both local and international dominate rocky! Too many star-studded look-alike! Are you convinced? Or you didn't know some of them?

What can you say? In TV, movies, videos, and music...all were dominated by rocky! You could see me on them. Or should I say, you could see them on me?!

If you are to choose, which among them is my look-alike? Or which among them best fits my looks?! c",)


nakakaaliw ung mga ka-look a like pics mu.. wahehe! Nasiyahan po me.. Sana ma portray mo din c Geoff Eigenmann.. at ska Jun Pyo ng boys over flower.. yeah!

Shocks talaga tong si Rocky. Wala ka bang look-alike dyan ni Angel? C'mon... Show your other side. Hehehehe!

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