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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Invasion of our Home V: 'I Love Books'

I love collecting books! It is one of my habits beside watching TV, listening to music, and collecting DVD movies and animals!

For this reason, I alloted a little space in our home to house my books and my other reference materials.

I just spend a little to buy cabinet where I can store them all. And here's what I got!

As they always say, "simplicity is beauty", did it looks simpler? Or should I say, is it beautiful in your eyes?

Hmmm...this is not only a house for my books. Yup, I also store there our other important documents and files. One small drawer there shelters my cellpone, its charger, and its earphone. Sometimes, on the other drawer on the other side, I put my wallet and my other bills.

Yeah, I'm not only a collector of books. I also loves to collect magazines. I have lots of it which entertain my stressful mind. I put them on the top of my book shelf. Don't you dare ask what types of magazines are they! c",)

Well, if you ask me what kinds of books I love to collect...these books were majority academic books and reviewers! Many of these books were my college books, others were my ECE reviewers, some were Electronics, Comunications, and Sciences! Of course, I also have other types like the Psychology, Sociology, Mathematics, and Dictionaries. Add also my Volume 1-10 of my Webster's Encyclopedia which I won way back in High School!

Besides books, my shelf also stores my other academic materials in college such as my Broadcasting Designs, Microwave Catalog, and photocopies of lectures.

Yeah, I trully value my books. I value all my college materials. They were precious materials to keep!

But if you ask me if I really loves to read...well before, but now, I just love collecting those kinds of books. I collect and collect and keep them. I usually now depends on the web and internet for research and reading. But wait...yeah, I love to read, I love to read magazines...the magazines I have which I mentioned above...hehehe!

Well, before we are still free to give your comments! See you once more for other exciting revelations! c",)


Kakaunti pa lang yan kumpara sa akin. Hehehe!

Hmm, nagkaidea tuloy ako na ipost ren yung mga book collections ko, kaso kelangan ko ng matinong camera. Haha.

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