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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Civet Cat!

I know all of you really missed my pussycat Miming Negro! But don't worry, they will be back soon together with her three cute little kittens to give your details about their latest gigs, activities, and updates. c",)

But for now, I will introduce to you another pet. Ready?! It is another type of cat! Are you familiar with "Alamid"? Or maybe you already heard 'Civet'!

My Civet Cat Pet

My Civet Loves to Rest on Top of Sofa

She Even Loves to Stay on Phones

Yup, as you can see I have it! That's my new pet. Actually that not new since I already have her last month. Just so happen that I only intoduce her to all of you today.

Like my other pets, she's so lovely and cute. I like her brownish color and her really smooth pur! She's so light that you can even hug her tightly.

Well, take a look! She's a foreign breed! A really foreigner cat coming from Europe!

Thinking that she's wild, well you're definitely wrong! Since I raised her, she's so domesticated and too tammed to her boss.

To give you a bit trivia about the civet cats or 'Alamid', they were another kind of wild cats commonly found in Asian Palm countries. If you can recall as featured on TV, their stool was used in making a brewed coffee.

A Wild Civet Cat from Southern Countries

An Asian Palm Civet

Stool and Feces of Civet

From Stool to Coffee

Well, have you amazed?! That's some other kinds of Civet cats found on Southern and Asian Countries. My Civet pet on the other hand originally came from Europe so her appearance is totally different from the other type. My pet really looks lovely and tame!

What can you say?! Do you love my new pet, my little 'Alamid' ? Who would you prefer, Miming Negro or my new Civet? You're free to give your thoughts! c",)


Hello there! Nice civet you got there. I recently got one also from my dad. It's also very tame and playful to its owners, like yours. What food can we give to these pets?

hithere i also hav a tamed civet cat..

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