Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Civet Cat!

I know all of you really missed my pussycat Miming Negro! But don't worry, they will be back soon together with her three cute little kittens to give your details about their latest gigs, activities, and updates. c",)

But for now, I will introduce to you another pet. Ready?! It is another type of cat! Are you familiar with "Alamid"? Or maybe you already heard 'Civet'!

My Civet Cat Pet

My Civet Loves to Rest on Top of Sofa

She Even Loves to Stay on Phones

Yup, as you can see I have it! That's my new pet. Actually that not new since I already have her last month. Just so happen that I only intoduce her to all of you today.

Like my other pets, she's so lovely and cute. I like her brownish color and her really smooth pur! She's so light that you can even hug her tightly.

Well, take a look! She's a foreign breed! A really foreigner cat coming from Europe!

Thinking that she's wild, well you're definitely wrong! Since I raised her, she's so domesticated and too tammed to her boss.

To give you a bit trivia about the civet cats or 'Alamid', they were another kind of wild cats commonly found in Asian Palm countries. If you can recall as featured on TV, their stool was used in making a brewed coffee.

A Wild Civet Cat from Southern Countries

An Asian Palm Civet

Stool and Feces of Civet

From Stool to Coffee

Well, have you amazed?! That's some other kinds of Civet cats found on Southern and Asian Countries. My Civet pet on the other hand originally came from Europe so her appearance is totally different from the other type. My pet really looks lovely and tame!

What can you say?! Do you love my new pet, my little 'Alamid' ? Who would you prefer, Miming Negro or my new Civet? You're free to give your thoughts! c",)

Friday, July 10, 2009

My Artworks for A(H1N1) Prevention

Just recently, our company launches the "A(H1N1 Project Prevent". This is the company-wide campaign of our company to prevent the spread of swine flu or the A(H1N1) virus. They aim to protect their employees from the virus through providing them updates, infos, tips, FAQs, news, and other preventive measures like allowing the use of sanitizers, temperature scanning, and wearing of mask!

Poster for Sanitizers

Poster & Announcement for List of Hospitals

Blog Site Title

Well, as an active employee and member of the Corporate Communications in our company, I headed our Corp Com's part in the project. I created my own team which is in-charge of providing updates, FAQs, news, infos, and prevention tips through information dissemination via emails, posters, bulletin boards, leaflets, and blog web site.

Glad to say, I was the one who made our blog web site where all information about the virus were stored. Both the employees and their families could access this site so that they may inform about the virus.

Besides our Blog site, I also created other more artworks and announcements as well as posters which were all posted on the walls, pantry, and bulletin boards in our office. These were also emailed to the employees as announcements. You can view some of these artworks above!

What can you say about my crafts? Do you like my artworks? Or you can give more other suggestions to my works! c",)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Invasion of our Home V: 'I Love Books'

I love collecting books! It is one of my habits beside watching TV, listening to music, and collecting DVD movies and animals!

For this reason, I alloted a little space in our home to house my books and my other reference materials.

I just spend a little to buy cabinet where I can store them all. And here's what I got!

As they always say, "simplicity is beauty", did it looks simpler? Or should I say, is it beautiful in your eyes?

Hmmm...this is not only a house for my books. Yup, I also store there our other important documents and files. One small drawer there shelters my cellpone, its charger, and its earphone. Sometimes, on the other drawer on the other side, I put my wallet and my other bills.

Yeah, I'm not only a collector of books. I also loves to collect magazines. I have lots of it which entertain my stressful mind. I put them on the top of my book shelf. Don't you dare ask what types of magazines are they! c",)

Well, if you ask me what kinds of books I love to collect...these books were majority academic books and reviewers! Many of these books were my college books, others were my ECE reviewers, some were Electronics, Comunications, and Sciences! Of course, I also have other types like the Psychology, Sociology, Mathematics, and Dictionaries. Add also my Volume 1-10 of my Webster's Encyclopedia which I won way back in High School!

Besides books, my shelf also stores my other academic materials in college such as my Broadcasting Designs, Microwave Catalog, and photocopies of lectures.

Yeah, I trully value my books. I value all my college materials. They were precious materials to keep!

But if you ask me if I really loves to read...well before, but now, I just love collecting those kinds of books. I collect and collect and keep them. I usually now depends on the web and internet for research and reading. But wait...yeah, I love to read, I love to read magazines...the magazines I have which I mentioned above...hehehe!

Well, before we end...you are still free to give your comments! See you once more for other exciting revelations! c",)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Star-Studded Look-Alike

It's such a wonderful day today since many stars visited my page! It's such a dazzling, star-studded, and shimmering site this could be!

Hmmmm...who is your favorite actor then? Well, it's up to you to choose. As they always say, all of us has as a counterpart. This only means that there is also another person that looks like us. Yup, everyone of us has a look-alike. It could be your favorite star, famous personality, well-known person, or just even an ordinary person that you always encounter everyday. Have you seen or have you realized who your look-alike are?

It's surprisingly, I discovered who my look-alikes are! Its a variety of stars and actors! Excited to know? Well, I allotted this page to let you know who my look-alikes are. Ready?! Here are the stars in the personality of rocky!

John Lloyd Cruz

Sam Milby

Rico Yan

Hayden Kho

Coco Martin

Rico Blanco / Christian Bautista

Drew Arellano

Baron Geisler

Jake Cuenca

JC De Vera

Manuel Chua of Pinoy Fear Factor

Piolo Pascual

David Cook

Lee Dong Wook (Julian of 'My Girl')

Well...have you amazed! Definitely yes! You couldn't believe that stars, actors, singers, both local and international dominate rocky! Too many star-studded look-alike! Are you convinced? Or you didn't know some of them?

What can you say? In TV, movies, videos, and music...all were dominated by rocky! You could see me on them. Or should I say, you could see them on me?!

If you are to choose, which among them is my look-alike? Or which among them best fits my looks?! c",)

'Rhythm of the Rock' Pays Tribute to Michael Jackson

We couldn't deny that Michael Jackson really becomes part of our life. He trully touched the heart of everyone. Up to now, all the people worlwide is in the state of shocked for his sudden death.

Personally speaking, I was not really a fanatic or a die-heart fans of Michael Jackson. But, admit it or not, Jacko's songs became part of my life. My childhood days could be best remember hearing the songs from Jackson. Specially my childhood christmas, it was best celebrated with the christmas songs from Michael!

Being also a music lover, I dedicate my three posts to Jacko. Well, if you visit my music and lyrics blog, "Rhythm of the Rock" the latest post is for Michael Jackson.

I featured three songs of Michael Jackson there. "Happy", "She's Out of My LIfe", and the latest, "Man in the Mirror". I choose these three because these three hits have a corresponding counterparts. Yup, these songs were revived by three known persons in our generation today. They were Josh Groban, Sam Concepcion, and Kris Allen.

"She's Out Of My Life" is a memorable song for me. It was the theme of my lovelife way back 2004 when my love goes to a far away place outside our country to look for a better job. Well, to know the whole story, just visit the Rhythm Of The Rock!

I want also to feature the song that sounds like this..."show me the way to your heart...!", but then, I wasn't able to search it under Michael Jackson's list of songs. I don't know if he is the one who made that song or just I didn't know exactly the title of that song so that I couldn't able to find it! Yup, that song was also a themesong of my lovelife way back late 2006 and summer of 2007 in my first job!

Well, what good is that, I am able to feature our 'King of POP' as well as the persons who revived his hits. At the same time, it reflects some of my love stories! So, see you there! C",)

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