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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Three Black Kittens

After Miming Negro gave birth to three black little kittens, many requested to view more and see these kittens. They get curious about these little creatures. They all wanted to see how they behave in our home as well as discover their daily activities.

Well, their wishes were granted! Since you all love the three little kittens of Miming, I will allow you to see them. Have fun as I allot this page to these amazing kittens!

Pictures can tell how active they are. Well, just like their mother you know! They love to play and roam around our white smooth vinyl floor. They keep on moving and moving around!

Too little to hold or to touch, they were not afraid to play with the other animals. Friendly is definitely the word to describe them. They wanted to join with my puppy Pupuh without any hesitation. Cats and dog, kittens and puppy...they were happily playing!

Oops...wait a minute! There's something around! "Oh mommy, mommy", the kittens shouted! "A mice...a little mice"! Hmmm... they see a tiny mice! Guess what they will do to it??? I will leave to you the answer.

What can you say about them? Did you like them the way you like their mother? If you were to choose between the kittens and their mom Miming, who will that be? Or should I say, love both of them? You have the right to give comments and suggestions! You views and points are very much appreciated!

See you once again next time for more exciting features! But before we leave, have again a quick look and snapshots to these cute tiny kittens! c",)

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