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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pussycat Gave Birth to Three Kittens!

Yeah! It smells baby shower...rather kitten shower! Yup, Miming Negro just recently gave birth to three little cute kittens! They were so cute!!

As we always say, "like mother, like children" or "like mother cat, like kittens"! These three little kittens were like their mother. Look at their color, complexion, and of course, their attitude..."Miming na miming"!

They were like just one great happy family! Pussy's kittens were as active as her. "Grabe...ang kukulit at ang lilikot nila!"

Oh my...Oh my...not just one, but three more! If recently only one cat always attacks our kitchen and my bag...look at now...3 more cats! Four cats will attack our kitchen! mom will be problematic then! Hmmm...what will she do now?!

They love to play in our house. They love roaming around! So sorry cat and kittens, if you're looking for rats and mice, we don't have that! Our home doesn't have any rats or mice, even insects! They were strictly prohibited in our house. That's why our home always maintans cleanliness!Hmmm...if it's that the case, our kitchen, dinning table, my bag, or even our refrigerator will all be in danger!

Well..."makulit or magulo man", I still love this cat family. Congratulation Miming, you now have three little kids! Just always take good care of them. I know that you're such a good mother pussy. But, beware of my mom. If she saw you together with your kittens invading our out! Now the family of Negro invades our house!! What can you say on them? Will you love them?! I will always keep you posted with their activities! c",)

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wow! the kittens of Miming Negro are realy cute and lovely.,

i enjoyed reading the article and starring at their pictures.,,

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