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Friday, June 19, 2009

Keep Yourself Safe From A(H1N1)

This is a friendly reminder from your best friend Miming Negro together with her kittens!

Maintain cleanliness in yourself and in your home.

Disinfect your home and your hands with a 70% solution alcohol and other disinfectants.

Keep yourself away from crowd and dirt.

Wear mask specially on crowded places like MRT, public places, malls, and other places with many people and animals.

Wear mask not only in these places but in your own homes as well to avoid the direct transfer of virus to your family specially in your kids.

Protect yourself and you love ones.

Thanks Miming for patronizing and practicing healthy habits for all of us to be safe from these contagious A(H1N1) virus. You're such a good model to all of us and to your kittens! c",)

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