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Friday, June 5, 2009

Invasion of our Home IV: 'Cleanliness and Freshness in Our Home'

One thing that could describe our home is that...'cleanliness'! We always maintain our home as clean as possible...or say that, as clear as a crystal.

Starting from the floor, walls, shelves, tables, cables, sala, kitchen, bedrooms, up to the ceiling you would always see it as clean and fresh! My mom always keep our home clean. We always ensure that even the lightest dust were all wipe out! Even the air around our home smells good and fresh!

Everyday we always keep it clean. The floor is always smooth. The shelves, cabinets, and our other appliances are always look shinning and transparent. Dirt, dust, and other waste are all strictly prohibited! That is why insects, roaches, rats, mosquitoes, and other pests were all afraid to enter in our home. There is no place and space for them in our house!

Besides keeping it clean, I also ensure and maintain the design and decoration of our home. Well, as they always say, it's nice and good to live with elegance...much more with elegance, cleanliness, and freshness! We always ensure that our home is a relaxing place to live! How well you like our place? You are always free to give suggestions and comments! c",)

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